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10 Bonuses 1 Tips for Quickly Getting Business Capital

10 Bonuses 1 Tips for Quickly Getting Business Capital

Business Capital When you decide to build your own business, the first is to think about having sufficient venture capital? Indeed, capital is the most important factor in opening your own business. Without capital, a business plan seems to be a dream and difficult to achieve.

The amount of capital depends on the type of business to be built. For example, if the business is a grocery store to start, then the capital will be greater than if you build a business sales credit. Similarly, business capital for catering will be more expensive than business capital to make current publishers use digital.

Keep in mind, looking for venture capital is not as difficult as a few years ago, which was only through conventional channels such as banks. Now there are many ways to make business capital a more creative person. Don’t believe Check eleven easy ways to get capital for your business:

  1. Loans from Banks with

Bank Guarantees are places that are mostly targeted by people who need business capital. There are loan programs in banks called multipurpose loans (KMG) where you provide a number of guarantees such as property assets or motorized vehicles to the bank. Interest rates are offered between 9-12 percent with a tenor of between five and 20 years, depending on the number of loans.

  1. Unsecured Loans from Banks

You can also borrow money from banks that use facilities KATA or Unsecured Loans. These loans are a favorite of seekers because they still earn money without giving any guarantees. Interest is greater than KMG, which is between 10-23 percent! It is recommended to take shorter installments.


  1. Savings

You don’t like to owe money to a bank because you feel the interest is too high? You can use it to become a bank savings account . This method is much safer because it does not burden the debt.

  1. Assets sold

If you have assets such as property, motorized vehicles, gold or other profitable investments, why not sell them for business capital? If your business is successful, you can buy assets that were previously sold better and more valuable.

  1. Mortgage Rates

Maintaining your assets? So why not promise it to a mortgage agency? This method includes benefits because you still get business capital while their assets remain intact. But don’t forget to fill it, otherwise the assets will be confiscated by the mortgage company. Although bond prices are not far compared to asset prices if sold.

  1. Loans from friends or family members

Another way is to get loans to people who are close to you, such as friends, family, in-laws, cousins ​​and others. Loans from them may not be as much as you borrow from a bank, but loans are usually interest-free.

  1. Participate in training

Another alternative is to get capital channeled through economic empowerment institutions. This arrangement often conducts training, training or workshops that you can follow. Usually after training, there will be information about access to business capital. The organizers of this training are, for example, the United Nations Labor Organization (ILO) or KUR.

8.joint venture

Yourcan invite friends or family members to open joint ventures with capital joint ventures. Joint venture capital will also be profitable because capital and work will be shared equally, including the distribution of losses. But do a written agreement about the distribution of results between you and your partner to avoid future conflicts.

  1. Consumer Capital

There are also ways to get capital from your prospective clients. Wow, can you? Of course you can. You can ask for your service down payment for prospective clients, for example 30 percent. Installments can be used as capital until the work is completed and full payment is made. This method is often done in the catering, screen printing or laundry business.


Franchising System This franchise means collaborative efforts between business owners and business people. Profit distribution based on agreed agreements and business owners will provide all facilities and capital which will then be carried out by business people. This system does not consume a lot of capital for you business people. But you must choose a well-known franchise brand so that the chances of greater profits.

  1. Sponsor a website

The last way to find a tendency to look for business capital is to sponsor certain sites that are supported by sophisticated internet technology. It’s called crowdfunding. This program is still relatively new in Indonesia, but has long been known abroad. The way you provide the type of business you can do through one crowdfunding site and visitors who are interested will be citizens who donate money.

Determining the First Business

Before choosing a number of options to obtain business capital as mentioned above, it is a good idea to decide which business to investigate first. You need to know in detail what needs to be done, including the risks that must be borne. If you do business independently, what are you waiting for? Find out how to find the business capital that is most suitable for you and congratulations on being an entrepreneur.

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