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10 reasons why Vista is more than a spoonful of sugar

10 reasons why Vista is more than a spoonful of sugar

Every new operating system comes with advanced and far better features. What is interesting for some people is not so for others. Basically, in a new system, each user has their own preferences. Windows Vista or Longhorn as it was first known is a replacement for XP and is a new operating system table scheduled to be launched in December 2006.

Description of Vista is on; it is seen as a vision of the future. High definition graphics, z levels in organizations, greater clarity, untrustworthy security, and unlimited power of thinking are about it. The operating system is set to meet all needs, it has a safe and fast start up, not only when booting but also when returning to active status from standby mode; enhanced and reinforced driver design that protects the os from crashes when other things go wrong; and antiphishing devices or filters that identify and confirm phishing sites using dynamically updated databases. Technically, Vista uses an image-based installation that is facilitated by IT professionals. The advanced event log simplifies administrative tasks.

The new October 2005 trial for Windows Vista has fulfilled expectations by including some new IE 7.0 features, new network and diagnostic functions. Of all the most important is the merging of the core of Microsoft Antispyware products in Vista. The main feature of the Vista system is the deployment, an interdependent module that allows Vista customization to suit individual needs. The WIM format allows a single image to be used or accessed by different computer hardware regardless of individual language requirements; you can easily add or remove drivers, including updates and offline windows components without having to boot an operating system image.

This system is equipped with features such as:

1. A new graphics engine that has easy navigation, a toolbar with built-in intuition, high resolution images, action movies that are better than real life, and tools that are easy to learn.

2. Revamped Windows Explorer with a new generation navigation structure, toolbar, and icons. The user-friendly design incorporates crystal clear keys and an interface that can capture users for hours together.

3. Virtual folders offer permanent storage with the possibility of dynamic interaction.

4. The user account protection feature protects you from counterfeit programs and security risks.

5. The system ensures easy program installation with a Click Once. This adds to the installation experience by providing speed and security of functions.

6. Error messages are handled by the Task Dialog and integral diagnostics that warn of problems and help with solutions.

7. New and improved technologies include, PNRP, Peer Name Resolution Protocol, a new technological revolution that allows applications to find and connect with each other; WWAN, a router; WLAN, indoor connector; VLAN, allows LAN to communicate; Wi-Fi, related to radio frequency.

8. A system where the snap-in to MMC can be moved up or down according to convenience.

9. Has XImage that is not destructive.

10. Increased time with automatic Restart Manager.

According to computer experts, Vista conquered new horizons while it brought technology to the new world. This introduces the excitement of working with drum hums such as increasing productivity. Whether the features are commented on and tested by many technicians around the world will be included in the final version of Vista is uncertain because it will be decided by Microsoft based on surveys, marketing projects, costs, and technical reasons.

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