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10 Signs of Suicide in Teenagers


10 Signs of Suicide in Teenagers

Teenagers are not infrequently faced with a variety of challenging problems. This can trigger acts of violence against yourself, including suicide attempts. Although these actions are carried out secretly, but there are signs of teenage suicide attempts that can be recognized.

World Health Organization (WHO) noted that every 40 seconds, there is one death victim caused by suicide, including from teenagers. There are many factors that can trigger these actions, generally starting from problems in life that cause psychological disorders such as depression, even drug abuse.

Family problems, the burden of education, to harassment in cyberspace (cyberbullying) also increase the risk of suicide among adolescents.

Signs of Teenagers Who Want To Conduct Suicide Attempt
A teenager who wants to commit suicide will usually show unusual movements, such as:


1. Talking about and thinking about death.

2. Drawing or writing about death.

3. Give personal belongings to others.

4. Closing yourself from family members and closest relatives.

5. Experiencing emotional changes quickly.

6. Perform very dangerous actions that can lead to death, such as reckless driving or taking excessive drugs.

7. Experience a drastic change in personality, for example, become very restless.

8. Experiencing changes in eating patterns or sleep disorders.
Feeling lost interest in things you like or continuing school activities.

9. Decreased self-confidence, starting from feeling ashamed, self-hating, worthless, excessive guilt and believe that everyone will be better without him.

10. Feeling there is no hope for the future because the conditions experienced will never get better.

Keep in mind, the signs of suicide above are not always visible in every teenager. In some cases, adolescents do not show these signs and tend to hide their suicide attempts. Therefore, it is the duty of family and closest relatives to always pay attention to the movements of adolescents who may be a sign of suicide attempts.

Prevents Suicide in Teens
If you find teenagers who act as if they are planning to commit suicide, then do the following to prevent them from committing suicide:

Ask questions and offer help
Asking about suicidal ideation in teens who want to do it is the right thing. Although it looks difficult, it can actually prevent suicide in teenagers. Also ask the problem being experienced and offer help that you can provide.
Get rid of dangerous objects
Keep all dangerous objects that can be used to commit suicide, such as poison pests, drugs, sharp objects, firearms, out of his reach.
Pay attention
Listen to everything he wants to say and always monitor his actions. Don’t ignore the threat of suicide and label it as individuals who like to overreact. Try discussing with him to find out the problem he is facing and support them to solve it.
Support him to do positive things
Give support to teens to start doing positive things, like returning to enjoy a hobby, exercise outside the field, or just socializing with friends. This is intended to help reduce symptoms of depression in adolescents.
Perform maintenance steps
Help teens to undergo treatment with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Believe that this step will help him to become better. In addition, help him to follow what is recommended.

Various problems and conditions that occur during adolescence, in fact can be managed properly, especially with the support of family and those closest to you. Recognize signs of adolescents experiencing stress or attempting suicide, use the methods above to try to prevent these dangerous actions.

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