3 Causes and Ways to Overcome Chest Pain in Pregnant Women

3 Causes and Ways to Overcome Chest Pain in Pregnant Women

3 Causes and Ways to Overcome Chest Pain in Pregnant Women

As pregnancy increases, pregnant women may experience a variety of symptoms that can be uncomfortable. One of them is chest pain. Come on, find out the causes and how to overcome them.

There are various causes of chest pain during pregnancy. Starting from the baby’s pressure in the stomach, stress, to disorders of the respiratory organs and heart. Despite being anxious, most chest pain during pregnancy is normal and can be overcome.

Causes and Ways to Overcome Chest Pain during Pregnancy
Pregnant women, here are some conditions that can cause chest pain during pregnancy as well as ways to overcome them:

1. Pressure from the baby
Chest pain during pregnancy can be caused by pressure from the baby. Infants in the womb that is getting bigger can push pregnant organs, including the area around the chest cavity.

This condition is not dangerous, so pregnant women can remain calm while trying to find a comfortable body position. Baby’s body pressure in the chest cavity will usually be felt even more when the expectant mother is lying down. Therefore, Bumil needs to choose the right sleeping position. One recommended sleeping position is lying on your left side.

2. Gastric acid reflux
This condition, which is more common in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, can also be a cause of chest pain during pregnancy. Gastric acid reflux occurs when stomach acid fluid flows up into the esophagus. Chest pain that is felt due to this condition is usually accompanied by a sensation of heat in the chest to the esophagus.

How to avoid it is to eat slowly little by little, sit back for about 1-2 hours after eating, get enough sleep, wear loose clothing, and avoid foods and drinks that can trigger an increase in stomach acid, such as spicy, sour, oily or oily foods fatty, and soft drinks.

3. Heart disease
When pregnant, the volume of blood in the body will increase to meet the needs of the fetus. This increase in blood volume makes the heart need to work harder.

If you already have heart problems, pregnant women are more at risk of developing chest pain associated with heart problems. This can also occur in pregnant women who have a risk of heart disease, for example due to suffering from obesity or diabetes. For that, pregnant women are advised to always live a healthy lifestyle and routinely perform obstetrical checks.

There is a natural chest pain during pregnancy, but some need to be taken seriously. Pay attention to the symptoms and immediately see a doctor if the chest pain experienced is very disturbing, for example until it is difficult to breathe or feel like a heavy object hit, also if the pain does not go away.


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