3 Causes of Right Side Headaches

Windowofworld.com – Do you often have headaches to the right? So you need to be vigilant because if it continues and doesn’t heal, there could be the potential for chronic disease.

Headaches are not always felt in all parts of the head. Sometimes the pain is only in the front, back, left side, or right side of the head. Different positions of the headaches can differentiate the causes of pain. Therefore, it is important to know the cause of the right headaches, in order to understand the steps that need to be taken to overcome them.

Various Possible Causes of Headaches on the Right
Right-sided headache can be caused by so many things that it is sometimes difficult to diagnose. Here are some of the causes that can be detected, namely:

1. Chronic migraine

This condition occurs when a person has a history of recurring migraines with the following symptoms:

– Feel only on one or two sides of the head.
– Causes moderate to severe throbbing pain.
– Exacerbated by daily physical activity.
– Can cause excessive sensitivity to light and sound, as well as nausea and vomiting

2. Hemicrania continua

Headaches characterized by the following symptoms:

– Feel only on one side of the head.
– Happens from day to day continuously.
– Can be severe with migraine-like symptoms.
– This condition can cause: stuffy or watery nose and eyes.
– Red on the head that hurts.
– Narrowed pupils or drooping eyelids.

3. Cluster headaches

Attacks of pain in one part of the head and occurs around the eyes. This condition is often associated with activity in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Cluster headaches can be triggered by several special things, including hot temperatures, exercise, drinking, smoking, and strong odors such as the smell of perfume, gasoline, or new paint. Cluster headaches are generally accompanied by symptoms:

– The pupil in one eye is shrinking.
– One of the eyelids is swollen or drooping.
– Watery and red eyes.
– Runny or blocked nose.
– Red ears.
– Sweaty face.

As for other possible causes of right-sided headaches, among others, infections such as meningitis, inflammation or disturbances in the blood vessels around the brain such as strokes, increased or decreased pressure in the head cavity, brain tumors, and brain injuries.

A person is also at a higher risk of experiencing headaches or having more frequent episodes of depression, sleep disturbances, obesity, anxiety, consuming too much caffeine, and taking too many headache relievers.

Feeling the occasional right-sided headache is common and generally does not require special treatment. However, you should see a doctor if:

  • The right headache was so intense.
  • You need to take pain relievers almost every day, even more than the recommended dosage.
  • You have a right-sided headache twice a week or more.
  • Accompanied by fever, seizures, visual disturbances, weakness, stiff neck, difficulty speaking or numbness.
  • Headache caused by injury.
  • Does not get better immediately even after taking medication and rest.

Handling Recurring Right-Hand Headaches

When experiencing a multidirectional headache, there are many things you can do to help your doctor diagnose the cause of your headache. Record the time when symptoms began to occur, how long they lasted, activities carried out before the attack occurred, and what medications and self-treatment were carried out. If necessary, the doctor will ask you to undergo tests such as a CT scan or MRI to detect various possible causes.

Handling of the right side headache really depends on the things that are the cause. Generally, doctors will give medicines according to the cause and advise not to do activities that can trigger headaches. These drugs can be:

  • Antidepressants to treat depression, sleep disorders and anxiety.
  • Beta blockers, commonly used to treat high blood pressure and prevent episodic / recurring migraines.
  • Some anti-seizure medications can also be used to prevent chronic headaches and migraines.
  • Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections can be given to sufferers who experience tension in the muscles in the head and neck, which cannot be relieved by daily drugs.

However, several types of headaches can still be felt after the sufferer takes various drugs. Further diagnosis is needed to find the real cause of the right headache. For example, if the cause of your right-hand headache is consuming too much pain reliever, your doctor may suggest stopping consumption.

Tips for Preventing Headaches on the Right

Here are things you can do to prevent the occurrence of headaches on the right:

1. Get used to getting enough rest

Get enough sleep is 7-8 hours a night, and try to get to sleep at regular times.

2. Avoid things that are suspected to be the cause of the right headaches

Take note of the times when you start to have a headache. Is it after consuming caffeinated drinks? Reduce or avoid consuming similar drinks and see if you still feel dizzy afterward.

3. Make sure you drink enough water

Don’t drink less, because dehydration can trigger headaches

Eat regularly, not too late, and not too much
If you are overweight, find ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle to get a more ideal weight.

4. Exercise regularly

With regular exercise it is considered to be able to relieve stress that causes headaches and make the body fitter.

5. Always think positive and be organized

This will help make your life more stress free.

6. Avoid consuming too often over-the-counter drugs

OTC drugs or drugs without a doctor’s prescription that can be found at the pharmacy, still have a risk if consumed in excess. Consumption more than twice a week can increase your risk of experiencing headaches.

Right-sided headache can occur due to mild causes and can go away on its own without special treatment. However, if the right headache is felt continuously and repeatedly, then you should see a doctor to anticipate the potential for serious illness.