3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Articles

Windowofworld.com – Are you using this method to promote your articles? If not, you’re missing out on some easy ways to get more traffic. Ways that do not require additional work on your part once prepared.

1. Free eBooks

Collect all your articles into a free ebook and give away.

Prepare it on its own page. Include a description and a request form asking people to enter their name and email address before they can download it. This way, you can distribute your ebook and create mailing lists all at once.

Another idea is to offer your free ebook to people who subscribe to your ezine. With the number of ezines available on the Internet today, people increasingly need a good incentive to subscribe to one particular magazine. Offering valuable free information is the perfect way to attract customers.

You will also need to set up an autoresponder which will be used for updating your ebook. Put this form on the ebook download page, on the front page of the ebook itself, or on both. As you write more articles, add them to your eBook and send an email to let people on the update list know that a new version is available.

Allow others to provide it too and you will create a wave of viral traffic that can continue for years to come.

2. Free Ecourse

Compile all of your articles into a free ecourse and organize them on an autoresponder, one article per day. As with any fr * e ebook, put it on its own page with a description and a request form.

Make sure you include a removal link at the bottom of each day of your ecourse. This will help prevent you from falling victim to a SPAM complaint.

3. Syndicate Your Article

Website owners are always looking for ways to get fresh content for their sites. You can cash in on this need. All you have to do is provide a code snippet for them to use, then write an article to plug into the code. You can find a free code for doing this at http://www.thesitewizard.com/netsyndic/index.shtml.

These three methods may seem easy, but start implementing them and you’ll experience a traffic spike that will make your click counter go round. Get them ready and all that’s left for you to do is write your articles and put them in.