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3 Surefire Ways to Fight Upward Gas Prices

3 Surefire Ways to Fight Upward Gas Prices

I heard the rumors of many of you in Readerland heard about the recent rise in petrol prices. In fact, that’s all I’ve heard recently. But it keeps you at least from the rumble about the irregularity of my columns and articles. Nevertheless, I decided to help you through this crisis by giving the following: 3 ways to fight rising gas prices!

  1. Do not drive your car

This is of course the most obvious solution. If you never take out the old Plymouth, it will not matter that at current gas prices it costs $ 125 to fill the 30 liter tank or just 2.51 miles to the gallon. If you never drive, you can take less care.

Of course I know what you are going to say. “But Tim, I have places I need to go and the kids have school and soccer practice. Then there are groceries and yoga lessons and supper at Richardsons and blah blah blah and ….” Okay, I get the point. Not everyone can sit home and write non-so-funny articles and search the internet for Drew Barrymore

pictures like me. I fully understand that some of you have a life. But just because you do not manage your own car does not mean you can not come around. The answer?


  1. Carpool

It seems that it is so simple now it is not. Instead of using your gas, use someone Elses! Let someone else pay $ 5.50 per liter for gas to take your kids to school. Make someone else in their retirement fund just dive so they can cover the guest bill needed to get you back to the office every day. Make somebody else a second job so that they can get a full tank of gas in their SUV when your daughter has to cross the mall. It’s so simple.

Of course, the concept behind carpooling is that everyone takes turns. In a normal carpool situation, you will ultimately be required to use your car and spend your money to drive others around. But it’s not a normal Carpool situation, it’s a Tim Ward Carpool situation (TWCPS). In a TWCPS, you avoid using your own car by making it possible for other carpool participants to run barefoot at 120 degrees asphalt than you drive. You achieve it by:

(a) never wash or clean your car; Make it look and smell like the landfill site.

(b) Keep the poorest child in your family in the front seat at all times. Bring lots of sweets to the child so that he / she is always superhyper.

(c) Refuse to discuss anything in your car, except your spouses bad bathing, body fluids, nails hanging, breast shoulder, etc.

(d) Only play reggae music on the radio. Hard!

You do not have to worry about someone who ever wants to drive with you again.

  1. Drive the bus / metro

Many cities have a mass transport system that is an alternative to driving your own vehicle. If you live in a city that does not have one, do not worry. You can

always move. Of course, public transport has some disadvantages, but it can be easily overcome if you follow these simple guidelines:

  1. No matter what never happens, always make eye contact with anyone. To make eye contact is an invitation for someone to fight you.
  2. No matter what happens, ever give your seat to anyone. It is considered to be poor and will be taken as an invitation to repent.
  3. No matter how tempting you are, never make a conversation with the person sitting next to or next to you. It is very annoying and can be taken as an invitation for someone to fight you. Or worse for someone to talk back.
  4. Always make sure you are vigilant to stop on the right. To get to the wrong end can immediately overflow.
  5. Never take children with you on public transport. Co-workers hate children. Children make your definite cup of victim material.

Well, there you have it. 3 ways to deal with rising gas prices. Hopefully you will be able to use these methods to prevent you from spending your car’s Blue Book value just after Walmart. Hopefully your friends will mumble and rantel the rising gas prices next time. You will only be able to come back and smile, content because the problem is no longer about you. Hopefully, I helped my loyal readers back in a time of crisis. And all I ask to return, if you think next time, you see me. Make sure we are not on the bus. I will hate to repent …

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