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3 Ways to Overcome Breast Not the Same That Makes No Confidence


3 Ways to Overcome Breast Not the Same That Makes No Confidence

Breast size is not the same is a common problem that is often experienced by women, both teenagers and adult women. Most women are wondering, why this condition can occur. But don’t worry first, because this condition is normal.

Unequal breast size, or known as asymmetrical breasts, is a condition when a pair of women’s breasts have differences in size, shape, position, and volume. This condition is usually caused by several factors, such as entering puberty, genetics, hormonal changes, to injuries.

For cases of breast size differences caused by puberty, breast size usually returns to normal before the end of puberty. However, if the size of the breasts are not the same again, then chances are your breast size will remain like that.

Not Confident with Breast Sizes Not the Same, Try This Way
Here are some ways to overcome insecurity due to unequal breast size:

1. Think positive
You need to realize that no creature in this world is born perfectly, so are you. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed by your appearance now, including for breast size. Begin to love your physical form and stop comparing yourself to others. In this way, you can accept your present condition.

2. Use a breast pad or wire bra
So that the breast size can look the same, you can also use a pad or bra wire to lift the breast that has a smaller size.

3. Operation
Surgery is the most effective choice for matching your breast size. Although effective, there are health risks that may occur after you do it. Some risks that can arise after breast enlargement surgery, including breast pain, infection, scarring, changes in sensation of the nipples, and leakage of silicone implants in the breast. Doctors also do not recommend breast augmentation surgery done on adolescent women, this is because their breasts are still in the process of growth.

Having the same breast size turns out to be a normal thing that is often experienced by women. Even a woman who is over 20 years old can also have different breast sizes. To ensure the condition of the breasts is not problematic, it is important to routinely carry out breast self-examination (BSE) every month on a regular basis.

However, if you feel something is different from your breasts regardless of the size problem, such as pain, red or brown colored discharge from the nipple area, there is a lump in the breast, skin color on the breast changes, or the nipple is pulled in, it is recommended to consult this doctor immediately.

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