4 Causes of Sprue Often Recur

Thrush is a wound in the mouth that can heal itself within 7-14 days. Although it can heal itself, canker sores can cause pain and discomfort, especially if they often recur.

Everyone has experienced sprue, in the medical world, sprue is known as Stomatis Aftosa Rekuren (SAR). This wound can be small or large and feels painful. About half of sufferers can get thrush again within 3 months.

Thrush is more common in women. This is presumably because women experience hormonal changes more often than men.

Until now, the cause of canker sores is not known with certainty, but many factors that trigger the emergence of canker sores. These trigger factors can come from inside the body or from outside the body.

Causes of Sprue from Outside the Body
At least there are four factors from outside the body that are often the cause of canker sores. These four factors are:

1. Injury
Injury is the main cause of thrush. Injuries to the inside of the mouth usually occur due to biting, the wrong way of brushing teeth, bristles of toothbrushes that are too rough, the use of braces or dentures, and due to injection of anesthetic before surgery in the mouth area.

2. Medicines
The medicines you take can also facilitate the appearance of canker sores. Drugs that can trigger canker sores include:


3. Toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
The use of toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can trigger thrush, because this substance can erode the lining of the mouth. the use of SLS-free toothpaste can reduce the risk of canker sores.

4. Food and drinks
Various types of food and drinks are thought to react with the lining of the mouth and trigger thrush. The food and drinks in question are:

Almond nut
Strawberry fruit
Tomato Fruit
Wheat flour

In addition to the food and drinks above, preservatives and food coloring can also trigger sprue.

Causes of Sprue from the Body
Apart from external factors as explained above, canker sores can also be caused by a number of factors from within the body itself, which include:

1. Heredity

Having parents or siblings who often experience thrush will increase the risk, severity, and frequency of recurrence of thrush in a person. Nearly 50% of people who often suffer from canker sores have families who also often experience canker sores.

2. Lack of nutrition

There are many studies that prove that lack of iron, folic acid, zinc, or vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 can cause canker sores. The cause of the deficiency of these substances could be due to insufficient intake or there is a problem of absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

3. Stress

Stress is the body’s response to environmental influences that can interfere with health, including triggering the emergence of canker sores. Some studies say that people who often suffer from canker sores have higher stress levels compared to people who rarely get canker sores.

Not yet known why stress can trigger the appearance of canker sores. However, the suspected cause is the habit of biting the lips or nail biting when stressed, which can cause sores on the inside of the mouth.

4. Hormonal changes

Especially for women, hormonal changes such as during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause often cause canker sores. In addition, using birth control pills or injectable birth control can also be a cause of canker sores.

So that canker sores do not recur frequently, as much as possible avoid the factors that cause canker sores above. And if canker sores don’t heal for more than two weeks or feel very painful, immediately consult a doctor to get an examination and treatment.