4 Fun Ways to Masturbate Women

Masturbation in women might sound like a taboo. In fact, this sexual activity is normal and has various health benefits, you know.

When entering puberty, sexual desire and further curiosity about your own body will emerge. When the urge has arisen, a woman can seek sexual satisfaction. One way is to masturbate.

Masturbation is the act of stimulating the body by touching, touching, or massaging the genitals themselves. The aim is to fulfill sexual desire and satisfaction by reaching orgasm.

Fun Way to Masturbate Women
Masturbation in women is generally done by touching and playing the clitoris and the area around the vagina. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive areas in a woman’s body. In addition, masturbation can also be done by stimulating your breasts and nipples.

However, not all ways of stimulation cause orgasm, because basically women tend to enjoy every stimulation that is done and the pleasure does not always lead to a climax.

Ladies, so that your masturbation activities become more enjoyable, try the following ways to masturbate:

1. Turn on aromatherapy
Try turning on aromatherapy when you want to shower. After aromatherapy is turned on, wipe the soap all over the body and start stimulating the breast, nipple, and vaginal area. Stimulation can also be done by using lotion after you shower.

2. Play the song you like
Masturbation can be continued in the bedroom accompanied by your favorite music. While listening to a sexy song, lie down with your legs stretched and use a mirror to see your vaginal area and stimulation points (G-spot).

Stimulation in the vaginal area can be done by using clean and safe lubricants, such as condom lubricants. If no lubricant is available, you can use. Try to tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles and enjoy the sensation.

3. Try stimulation of sex organs with fingers
You can also try to insert a finger into the vagina and move your finger back and forth while touching the clitoris. You can also vary your movements by touching your breasts, nipples, or other sensitive body parts alternately.

4. Experimenting with sex toys
Not only using fingers, women can also masturbate using sex toys. If you are curious about what it’s like to masturbate with aids, there are many types of sex toys that you can try, such as a vibrator.

But if you want to use sex toys, make sure it’s clean and don’t use it alternately with other people, yes. This is to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Do the above with a relaxed and not in a hurry. You can do the stimulation while imagining making love with your loved ones, watching a movie, or seeing erotic images.

Women are usually more passionate about words, so erotic novels can also increase a woman’s sexual satisfaction when masturbating.

The Benefits Obtained from Masturbation
Besides aiming to fulfill one’s own sexual desire, masturbation in women also has several benefits for the body, including:

Relieve abdominal cramps during menstruation.
Improve sleep quality.
Reduces stress and improves mood.
Wet the vagina, so that it is prevented from dry vagina.
Strengthen pelvic muscles.
Being a safe sex tool to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Helps understand how to reach orgasm.
Reducing the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

The benefits of masturbation in women can be obtained if done in moderation. Too often masturbating, whether with aids or not, has the potential to cause injury to your vagina. Of course this condition can cause discomfort.

Be careful, the risk of addiction can arise if you masturbate too often. This condition will certainly have a negative impact on your personal life and your partner. If you experience this, do not hesitate to consult with a psychologist or doctor.