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4 Issues That Are Raised In The Drama Taxi Driver Is A True Story


4 Issues That Are Raised In The Drama Taxi Driver Is A True Story

Windowofworld.com – Taxi Driver is a Korean drama that is currently attracting audience attention because of its storyline. This drama tells the story of Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) whose life changes after his mother is killed by a serial killer.

Finally, Kim Do Ki became a luxury taxi driver and worked for the Rainbow Taxi Company. The company is not an ordinary taxi company, but it does offer a special “call for revenge” service.

The reason this drama attracts the attention of K-Drama lovers is because some of the issues raised in this drama are true stories. Reporting from Detik, this is an issue that is raised from a true story:

Pedophile Case (episode 1)

In the first episode, you will witness the scene of the release of Cho Do Chul who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually abusing minors. Where this case is a real case that happened in South Korea.

This case was committed by Cho Doo Soon, a famous child rapist in South Korea. In December 2018, he brutally sexually assaulted an 8 year old girl.

Surely this case broke the hearts of Korean citizens, he was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison. In December 2020, Cho Doo Soon was released but the release received strong protests from the Korean people.

Maria’s case (episodes 1-2)

Still in episode one, there is a girl named Kang Maria who looks desperate and wants to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. In the drama, Kang Maria is a girl with a disability who is forced to work and abused at the factory where she works.

Apparently this is also inspired by the true story that happened to a girl that happened in 2014. In the original case, this abuse was carried out by Mr. Hong to his employee named, Kim. He always harassed his disabled employees and locked him up and forced the victim to work 19 hours a day without rest and without pay for five years.

Even Lord Hong doesn’t hesitate to beat up his employees, if they argue. Finally, Kim was rescued after he sent a letter to his mother secretly and Mr. Hong was sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

The Case of Psychopath Nam Gyu Jung (episode 1)

At the end of episode one you see, a murderer is designing a murder scene. He is Nam Gyu Jung, a psychopath who killed Kim Do Ki’s mother.

This is a real serial murder case that happened in South Korea from 2004 to 2006. The perpetrator has the real name Jeong Nam Gyu, he is known as a serial killer in Gyonggi Bucheon province. Jeong Nam Gyu has killed 14 people, injured 20 people and carried out kidnapping and sexual harassment.

He targets people who he thinks are weak, the motive of killing which is just for fun. For his actions he received a death sentence, but in the end he committed suicide.

Employee Abuse Case (episode 5)

In episode five there is a scene where an employee at a company gets persecuted by his boss. Kim Do Ki also disguises himself as an employee of the company to run a business of revenge for one of the employees who was mistreated by his boss, Park Yang Jin.

It seems that this scene excited the audience of this drama, because it was taken from a true story that happened in 2018. In the original case, the suspect in this persecution case was Yang Jin Ho, a CEO of WeDisk company and robot developer K-Technology.


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