4 Secret Sales Technique

  1. Discovering New Advertising Methods

The first sign that you need to explore new marketing strategies is a sharp decline in the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Yes, you spend a lot of hard-earned cash to advertise, and the public turns its nose! Don’t wait until your profits have dropped to start looking for new marketing strategies.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fend off your sales techniques? Yes, no more customers walk empty-handed … no more profits disappear in the air! Here are 4 secrets that will help you put money into your pocket and extend your current client list.

  1. Make it easy

There is an old saying that variety is the spice of life, but no, too many choices can lead to indecision and procrastination. We all know what happens when customers delay … yes, you lose a sale.

If a customer is ready to buy, and suddenly sees different options he didn’t know, he’ll stop deciding … which one? If he is uncertain … well, then you will lose a sale that was already in your pocket.

Make it easy for your customers to decide … yes, I will buy it … no I will not buy it. Yes and no, decisions are much easier to make, and are more likely to put cash in the drawer.

  1. Offer various ways to buy

Too many choices can overwhelm customers and cost you sales, but options for buying customers can buy the product they have decided on. They say there are different strokes for different people … your customers don’t all use the same methods to buy. It only makes sense that, if the method they prefer is available, it is more likely to utilize it.

It is the key to attracting buyers in today’s fast-paced society. What is the fastest and easiest for them … credit card, telephone, fax, internet or cold hard cash?

  1. Keep it simple.

You remember the frustration of spending ten minutes pushing buttons on the phone just to get through an automated pain-in-the-neck ordering service. Heck, you only wanted to buy one item! Maybe this was the time you had to click your finger, just to jump through the hoops of an online shopping cart. Yes, the temptation to just forget it is there!

Don’t frustrate your customers with complicated ordering processes. Most likely they just want to place the order within a few minutes and be done. Let them get frustrated, and they will go elsewhere or completely abandon the idea.

  1. Follow-up

One of my favorite catalog companies always concludes the sale with a special purchase that is only available at the time of purchase. I am not an impulsive customer with any imagination, but it keeps me in my tracks. I know this is a one time recording, and I really have to consider if I want to or need it before I turn on the phone.

How many items would your customers buy if you followed up each sale with a special offer? Internet marketers have a world of options at their fingertips. The products you offer don’t even have to be yours … and you can still make a profit!

Affiliate marketing deletes the web. Think about it … would your customers benefit from an e-book that deals with the product they are buying? You can offer it to them, and have the owner handle the ordering process while collecting the commission. It’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3 and profitable too!

Increasing your sales numbers and earning dollars is not as difficult as it sounds. Implement these four simple sales techniques, and watch your sales rise constantly … and just think … it didn’t cost you a cent!