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4 Step How to Swaddle Babies Safely


4 Step How to Swaddle Babies Safely

Cloths or blankets for swaddling babies are generally still used by mothers today. However, you also need to know how to swaddle the baby right and be done carefully to avoid negative risks to the baby.

Swaddling is common since babies are born in a maternity home. Wrap cloth around the baby’s body, as if resembling the mother’s womb that can calm and make the baby sleep more comfortably. In addition, baby swaddling done correctly can help soothe fussy babies. .

Baby Swaddling Guide
The first thing to consider to prevent the danger of baby swaddling is to avoid swaddling too tight. Give space that allows the baby to move his legs. This is necessary so that the baby’s development is not hampered.

It is important for parents to know how to swaddle babies properly and safely. Here are the guidelines:

1. Place the cloth or blanket for the baby swaddle on a flat surface with the corner of the fabric on. Then, fold the top edge slightly so that the fabric almost resembles a triangle.
2. Carry the baby, and slowly place it on the swaddle cloth, right in the middle. Make sure the folds above the baby swaddling around the shoulder.

3. Straighten the baby’s left lower hand then close it to the body. Pull the edge of the cloth on the baby’s left side so that it covers the left arm to the chest. Slide the end of the cloth at the bottom of the left armpit and then back.

4. Fold the bottom swaddle cloth towards the baby’s shoulder. Don’t fold too tight, leave room around the baby’s feet.

While holding the baby gently so as not to change position, take the edge of the baby’s right swaddling cloth until it covers the body. Then fold the remaining baby swaddling cloth to the back of the baby.

Things that must be considered
Swaddling allows babies to sleep longer and is not easily awakened. But on the other hand, baby swaddling can pose a negative risk. An expert said, swaddling babies can make it more difficult to wake up which is considered to increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

To avoid this risk, there are some important things to know in baby swaddling.

1. If your baby is still using swaddling, the baby’s lulling position must be in the supine condition. Avoid sleeping in the prone position. This is important to avoid SIDS. Several studies have shown, the risk of SIDS and choking in infants who sleep on their stomach.

2. Choose a cloth or blanket baby from a comfortable cloth, so it does not make the baby overheated. Check his body temperature every few hours.

3. Avoid swaddling babies that make a baby’s face closed. It is also advisable to avoid swaddling the baby if it seems to make the baby difficult to breathe.

4. Some babies feel uncomfortable when swaddling babies make their hands free to move. If so, baby swaddling can still be done, it’s just that the fabric is folded under the armpit, so that the hands remain free. Some experts suggest, baby swaddles should be opened while breastfeeding so that the baby’s hands are free to move and explore.

5. Baby swaddles should no longer be used when babies begin to learn to roll, usually in babies aged two months.

Swaddling is one way to help calm a newborn baby. However, do it the right way to minimize risk. If necessary, consult with a pediatrician regarding whether or not a baby swaddling should be done.

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