4 Tips for Building a Successful Portfolio

4 Tips for Building a Successful Portfolio
4 Tips for Building a Successful Portfolio

4 Tips for Building a Successful Portfolio

Windowofworld.com – How to build a successful portfolio? Running through financial mazes of stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be a challenge. American Century Investments offers the following tips to give you knowledge on how to build a profitable portfolio.

1. Know your goals.

Consider how much money you need for your children’s education or your retirement. Whatever your vision for the future, set your goals and develop concrete plans to achieve them.

2. Determine the time horizon of your investment.

If you don’t plan to retire in the near future, you might want to have a portfolio that includes more long-term investments. If retirement is near, consider a more conservative approach.

3. Determine your risk tolerance.

Find out your risk level and compare comfort with what you can afford. In general, the longer you have to invest, the greater the risk you can take.

* Consult with professionals. To avoid future financial pitfalls, it is often wise to seek professional guidance when putting together a portfolio.

4. Investigate investors

The latest research shows that investors continue to wrestle with some of the most fundamental investment concepts, indicating a greater need for financial advice and guidance, “said Doug Lockwood, a certified financial planner.

To help investors meet their financial goals, American Century Investments has developed On Plan Investing, a program designed to help investors build and maintain a diverse investment portfolio – without additional costs.

Combining educational tools, advice, market insights and investment products, On Plan Investing helps investors develop personal investment strategies, whether they are new to investing, seeking guidance but still want to control their investment mix, need help positioning their portfolio in the long term . perspective terms or need help understanding market work.


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