4 Ways to Help Overcome Jet Lag in Children

4 Ways to Help Overcome Jet Lag in Children

4 Ways to Help Overcome Jet Lag in Children

Little is difficult to sleep or even fussy after traveling through the air? If so, maybe he has jet lag. Here are some ways you can do to overcome jet lag in children.

The most common symptom of jet lag is difficulty sleeping. Jet lag in children usually appears after the child has traveled through different time zones, especially when traveling by plane

How to Help Overcome Jet Lag in Children
Jet lag is usually characterized by symptoms of insomnia, body and fuss. In some children, jet lag too

To overcome the various inconveniences felt by your child due to jet lag, there are several ways you can do, namely:

1. Give the child food when he gets on location
When you arrive at the destination and the child is still awake, immediately give him food. This is because long trips and jet lag usually make children more hungry.

However, avoid giving your child a large portion of food, especially one that contains high fat or sugar yes, Bun. Give snacks or snacks first, like bananas, strawberries, oatmeal crackers, yogurt, and chocolate milk.

2. Make your child relax so that he more easily sleep
Jet lag will make it more difficult for children to sleep. If this happens, Mother is recommended to help Little to adapt to his new environment, and as much as possible to make him feel relaxed. Mother can invite Little to go around for a while, then bathe her with warm water.

After the Little One looks calmer, Mother can start sleeping rituals, for example by wearing pajamas, turning off the lights in her bedroom, and starting reading stories. When your little one can fall asleep soundly, make sure no one disturbs his sleep, yes.

3. Encourage children to move outdoors

If possible, a few days after arriving at the location, take your child to move outdoors. Exposure to sunlight will make it easier for your child to adapt to the new environment and overcome the jet lag they experience.

4. Avoid giving children antihistamines
Maybe you often hear that antihistamines can make a child sleepy. However, that does not mean giving antihistamines is the right thing to help him sleep.

Antihistamines are not drugs to treat jet lag. The use of antihistamines without indication and a doctor’s examination can cause side effects and make the child more difficult to sleep.

To prevent jet lag, you can get your child to sleep a few minutes or a few hours earlier than usual, starting 6 days before the trip.

Basically, jet lag is a common thing and should not be a concern. This disorder will disappear by itself after the child adapt really, Bun. But if jet lag in children is very disturbing, don’t hesitate to check with your pediatrician, Mother.


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