4 Ways to Stay Comfortable with Sensitive Smelling During Pregnancy

The aroma of favorite perfume and favorite dish that was once liked, actually makes pregnant women (pregnant women) nauseous. Moreover, a variety of unpleasant scents, now smelled more pungent. Is this condition normal for pregnant women?

Relax, Bumil isn’t alone. Some pregnant women claim to be more sensitive to odor. Not only in the first trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women may even be able to feel it as one of the early signs of pregnancy.

There is no definite cause
Pregnant women can suddenly hate the scent that was loved, or the unpleasant odor can be smelled many times over. Some pregnant women may even hate the smell of perfume or the scent of a husband’s body!

The exact reason pregnant women are more sensitive to odor has not been found. However, the two main allegations are:

1. Changes in hormone levels
Changes in hormone levels and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), especially in the first trimester, make the smell of pregnant women stronger.

2. Mother’s natural abilities
A sharper sense of smell is thought to be the natural ability of a pregnant woman to protect her vulnerable fetus, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This theory is strengthened by the existence of research that says that the smell of pregnant women reacts violently to ingredients that can harm pregnancy, such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine.

In addition, other symptoms in the first trimester, such as nausea and vomiting, can also make certain odors become increasingly pungent or annoying.

Stay Comfortable with Sensitive Smell
Pregnant women, how to manage sensitivity to smell is actually more or less the same as how to prevent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Here are a few:

1. Avoid the kitchen
If possible, avoid first entering the kitchen. Various spices with a strong aroma, such as garlic, may be disturbing. Pregnant women can ask others to cook or only cook food whose aroma is not overpowering.

2. Eat often in small portions
To reduce the effects of nausea when you smell certain odors, it is recommended to eat snacks before getting out of bed in the morning. For example, eating biscuits or crackers. In addition, pregnant women can also consume small amounts that are spent slowly.

3. Switch to detergent without aroma
If the smell of detergent, softener, or deodorizer makes nausea, try to switch while using detergent without the scent. In addition, some pregnant women may still be able to receive the aroma of lemon or mint.

4. Use a soothing scent
Drop the essential oil with the aroma that Pregnant likes on the handkerchief. Use this handkerchief to cover your nose when you smell a pungent or uncomfortable scent.

Don’t worry, being sensitive to smell won’t last forever, Bumil. These complaints will usually subside in the second trimester of pregnancy and return to normal towards the end of the pregnancy or after delivery.

So, do not be sensitive to the smell disturbing Bumil again, yes. Stay calm and don’t worry too much. If possible, avoid sources of aromas and places that cause unwanted aromas, so that pregnant women can continue their activities comfortably. If complaints are very disturbing, Bumil should consult with a doctor so that treatment can be given.