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5 Bad Habits of Parents Children May Imitate

5 Bad Habits of Parents Children May Imitate

Parents are the main role model for children. So, do not be surprised if the various behaviors of Father and Mother are imitated by Little. Sometimes without realizing it, even bad habits come to be imitated by children.

Imitating parental habits is one of the important stages of child development. This stage of mimicking usually occurs when a child is one year old. Children will imitate whatever parents do, ranging from the use of language to social behavior. Come on, pay attention and be aware of any bad habits that can be imitated children.

Various Bad Parents That Your Children May Imitate
Of the various habits of parents, unconsciously, there are some bad habits that are often imitated by children:

1. Be emotional
One of the things that children may imitate is the emotional attitude of parents when facing something. For example, parents who are aggressive, tend to have children with the same nature.


2. Frequent complaining
When faced with situations that are not in line with expectations, maybe we will unconsciously complain. However, be careful. Often complain in front of children, indirectly teaches children not to be grateful for their conditions.

3. Consuming unhealthy foods
If parents often eat sweet foods, there is a possibility your little one also likes sweet foods. In fact, too often eating sweet foods can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

4. Lying
When parents lie about a matter to a child, then the child will think that lying is a normal and permissible thing to do. In addition, often lying will also reduce children’s confidence in parents.

5. Using excessive gadgets
Some parents may find it difficult to reduce the use of gadgets, especially when it comes to work. Well, if your child often sees Father and Mother busy with gadgets, chances are he also mimics this habit.

Though excessive use of gadgets in children can have a negative impact on their health, such as obesity and insomnia. The habit of using gadgets can also cause children to be more easily tantrumed.

In addition to some of the habits above, parenting habits that children might emulate are emotional eating, debating habits, and gossiping.

Things to Look For Parents
It’s not easy to prevent Little from imitating various habits of Father and Mother. However, there are a number of things that can be done so that the child can go through a good copy phase:

-Being a good example
The first thing parents need to pay attention to is setting a good example for children. For example, through calmness and parental policy in solving problems, eating healthy habits, or exercise habits. Parents can also give examples of things that are useful to improve the skills and independence of children, such as putting dirty dishes in the sink or cleaning the bed after waking up.

-Prioritize child safety
Children can mimic various habits, from brushing their teeth to sweeping the floor. It is also possible for children to do things that might endanger themselves, for example lighting a stove in the kitchen or taking medication that their parents often drink. Make sure Father and Mother keep a close eye on Little One, and tell him what things he has not been allowed to do.

-Remind the child
Tell Your Little One that not everything that parents do must be imitated and well done by children. When committing a small lie, for example praising other people’s cooking that is actually not good, explain to him that Father and Mother intend to be kind and do not want to hurt the person’s feelings. However, keep emphasizing that lying is basically the wrong thing.

Childhood plays an important role in his future. So, instill good things in children. One way is to give examples of good habits. But if your child is already imitating various bad habits Father and Mother, try to consult a psychologist about how to change these habits.

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