5 Benefits of Pillow Talk in Sex Relationships

5 Benefits of Pillow Talk in Sex Relationships
5 Benefits of Pillow Talk in Sex Relationships

5 Benefits of Pillow Talk in Sex Relationships

Windowofworld.com – Having a harmonious relationship with a partner is certainly a dream for everyone. However, sometimes there are things that can diminish the intimacy. In order to maintain harmony in your household, you and your partner can do pillow talk.

Pillow talk is an intimate, warm, and deep conversation that takes place on the mattress. This conversation usually occurs just before bedtime, or it could be before and after sexual intercourse.

Pillow talk generally doesn’t involve eye contact and is often done in a relaxed state, whether it’s holding hands or hugging.

Benefits of Pillow Talk which is a shame to miss

Pillow talk can have a positive impact on the quality of your relationship with your partner. Benefits that can be felt include:

1. Increase the feeling of love

Because it is done while hugging, pillow talk can make the body release the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that can cause feelings of happiness and affection. The activity of this hormone can help grow or increase the feeling of falling in love, and make the inner bond between you and your partner stronger.

2. Make you more open

After making love, a person will feel more relaxed, both physically and psychologically. Well, pillow talk after sex can be the right moment for you and your partner to be more open so that your relationship gets closer.

3. Increase sexual satisfaction

Have your sexual activities with your partner been fading lately? If so, you can do pillow talk.

As discussed above, pillow talk can strengthen emotional bonds and feelings of love between partners. That way, naturally sex will also be more fun and satisfying.

4. Prevent misunderstandings

Being embarrassed or feeling insecure about saying something can confuse your partner and even suspect what isn’t really happening. This could stretch your relationship, you know. Therefore, pillow talk can be the right moment to talk about everything you feel.

Take a few minutes before bed or after sex to talk about what is still on your heart. Through pillow talk, you and your partner can understand and appreciate each other.

5. Love yourself

In addition to growing and increasing love for your partner, the hormone oxytocin released by the body because pillow talk can also make you feel more comfortable and love yourself. That way, you will feel happier and be able to develop the potential that is within you.

That’s the various benefits of pillow talk that you can get. From now on, make pillow talk a routine for you and your partner. If you are not used to it, you can agree on a schedule, for example, for 10 minutes before bed.

When doing pillow talk, make sure you and your partner have turned off each other’s cellphones so you don’t get disturbed. In addition, you should have this warm conversation after the children sleep so that the atmosphere is calmer.

Having a harmonious and intimate relationship with a partner is everyone’s dream. However, if you don’t get it through various means, including pillow talk, don’t hesitate to ask a psychologist for help.


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