5 Causes of Intestinal Cancer and Risk Factors

5 Causes of Intestinal Cancer and Risk Factors

5 Causes of Intestinal Cancer and Risk Factors

Although not widely discussed as another type of cancer, colon cancer is the third leading cause of death in the world, including in Indonesia. One factor that increases the risk of colon cancer is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Colon cancer is divided into two types, namely colon cancer and colon cancer. Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is a type of colon cancer that is more common than colon cancer.

Causes and Risk Factors for Colon Cancer
The cause of colon cancer, both colon cancer and colon cancer, is not yet known with certainty. But there are some things that can make a person more at risk of colon cancer, namely:

1. Age
A study states that age is one of the risk factors for colon cancer. More than 90% of colon cancers occur in people over 50 years. Bowel cancer also tends to attack more men than women.

2. Family history of polyps or colon cancer
The next risk factor is a family history of polyps or colon cancer. If you have parents or siblings who suffer from polyps or colon cancer, then your risk for colon cancer will be even higher.

3. Obesity
Many studies have shown an association between obesity and an increased risk of various types of cancer, including colon cancer. This is because obese people often experience increased levels of insulin and insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1). High levels of insulin and IGF-1 are closely related to the development of cancer cells.

4. Smoking habits
For a long time, smoking was known to increase the risk of several types of cancer. One of them is colon cancer. This is because cigarettes contain carcinogens that can be inhaled and enter the blood, then cause lung cancer and various other organs, including the intestine.

5. Excessive alcohol consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of colon cancer. However, this mechanism is associated with other risk factors, such as obesity and family history of colon cancer.

Other factors that can also increase a person’s risk of colon cancer are radiation therapy in the stomach, eating red meat and processed habits, and lack of physical activity or exercise.

After knowing the various risk factors and causes of colon cancer, start doing prevention now by adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you have one of the risk factors above, do a routine check with your doctor to detect cancer early.


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