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5 Simple Moves to Burn Fat in Your Arms


5 Simple Moves to Burn Fat in Your Arms

Windowofworld.com – Your arms look bigger? Accumulation of fat on the hands, usually occurs due to weight gain.

Getting rid of stubborn body fat can be difficult. The arm is often seen as a problem area. This problem has led many people looking for ways to lose extra arm fat.

In fact, some people are willing to go on a diet program to lose weight as a whole.

Fortunately, there are 5 simple movement methods you can use to burn fat in your arms. The following Popmama.com provides a full review:

1. Jump rope helps remove fat from the body

Jumping is the best cardio exercise and can help remove fat from the body.

Meanwhile, jumping rope affects the arm muscles when lifting body weights and moving the arms in a circular motion.

According to Livestrong, jumping rope is an effective cardiovascular exercise and weight loss. Twirling the rope also benefits the upper body.

The movement of swinging the rope from front to back of the body also has the function of burning fat and calories in the body, especially fat in the arms.

To get maximum results, make it a habit to do this movement 150 times a day on a regular basis.

2. Rotating the wrist increases flexibility

Arm twisting is a great way to help burn fat.

Even stretching around the arms can increase the strength and flexibility of the wrists and forearms.

Boxlifemagazine explains, the rotating motion of the hand is a complex joint filled with bones, ligaments, connective tissue, muscles and nerves. This movement also marks the transition area between the forearm and the hand that directly affects grip strength.

The method is quite easy, open your feet shoulder width apart while raising your hands straight ahead. Then move your wrist clockwise for 8 counts. Do this movement for 15 minutes every day.

3. Pull ups strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles

The next type of movement to burn fat in the arms is pull ups.

This movement can strengthen the arm and shoulder muscles. Even doing full pull ups can increase your strength as you train to complete the movement.

Livefit explained that the benefits of pull ups are numerous. Ull up movement every day will create extraordinary physical change results. Apart from saving time, pull up exercises can be done with minimal gym equipment.

That means, this one movement is very easy to do. Try using the pole or the top of the door for 10 minutes every day.

4. Stretching burns some extra calories

Have you ever considered stretching when you wanted to lose weight?

Stretching itself is very effective for burning calories and flexibility or stretching regularly.

Compiled from Verywellfit, for maximum calorie expenditure you should consider activities with higher intensity. But stretching does burn a few extra calories.

This stretching or stretching movement can not only burn fat in the arm area, but also has the potential to build muscle in the arm.

5. Wall push ups build body strength

Wall push ups are perfect for beginners or anyone looking to get rid of arm fat.

This type of push up helps build shoulder and chest strength.

Quoted from Muscleprodigy, wall push ups are extra exercises that will strengthen the upper and lower body. Wall push ups are very convenient, because they can be done almost anywhere and anytime.

Besides being flexible, wall push ups are quite effective in shrinking the arms.

The method is very easy, namely to position the arms parallel to the chest or shoulders and attach both hands to the wall. Bring your body close to the wall so your cheeks are pressed against the wall, then push it back to its original position.

So, those are the five movements that can reduce fat in the arms. Don’t forget to control the food you consume to make it more effective for weight loss


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