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5 Tips for Overcoming Body Odor in Children


5 Tips for Overcoming Body Odor in Children

Body odor in children generally only appear when entering puberty. However, this does not rule out complaints that arise at a younger age. Mother is curious why Little One has experienced body odor, even though she is still early? Come, see this article!

Hormonal changes when entering puberty is not the only reason behind the emergence of body odor in the Little One. Due to the fact, children’s body odor can also be triggered by other things, such as poorly maintained hygiene and certain health problems.

Various Causes of Body Odor in Your Little One
The following is an explanation of things that can trigger the appearance of body odor in children.

Not keeping the body clean
Children are usually very active, making it easier to sweat. Well, if not cleaned immediately, the sweat that comes out of your body can be mixed with bacteria on the skin and cause body odor.


The risk will increase if he rarely bathe or change clean clothes. The reason is, bacteria will more easily breed and make the Little One’s body emit an unpleasant odor.

The habit of eating certain foods
Some foods that are often consumed by your child can also affect body odor. Foods that can trigger body odor generally have a strong aroma, such as onions, garlic, high-fat foods, and spicy foods.

Certain health conditions
If your child is concerned about his cleanliness and improving his diet, but the body still smells, try to check with your doctor. The reason, a number of conditions, such as early puberty and fish odor syndrome, can cause body odor, even in children under 5 years old though.

In addition, some diseases, such as hyperhidrosis and diabetes, can also trigger unpleasant body odor. So, do not hesitate to take your child to the doctor, Bun, to find out the exact cause.

Tips for Overcoming Body Odor in Children
To help overcome body odor in the Little One, there are some simple steps you can implement. Examples are as follows:

1. Encourage children to take a shower
Encourage your child to take a shower every day. So that Little is more excited, Mother can invite him to choose soap with a scent that he likes when shopping.

2. Pay attention to the way the child is bathing
Every now and then, try to pay attention to how the Little Bath. If the bath is still “careless”, teach you the right bath. Tell him that it is important to clean all parts of the body, especially the armpits, genitals, and legs.

3. Buy a special deodorant for children
If your child continues to experience body odor, maybe he needs to use a special child deodorant. Deodorants for children of various types, but you should choose one that does not contain aluminum or parabens.

4. Wear cotton clothes
Mother needs to pay attention to the clothing materials worn by Little. Clothing made from cotton becomes one of the recommended, especially if he spends a lot of time outside. Clothing made from cotton can absorb sweat well, so as to minimize the appearance of body odor in children.

5. Arrange food consumed by children
Mother must pay attention to the food consumed by Little. The good thing is, avoid giving spicy food and strong aroma to reduce the risk of body odor in children.

Although not yet experiencing puberty, a number of reasons can make your child experience body odor. Therefore, try to find out the cause of body odor experienced by the Little One so that treatment can be adjusted. If you have done the simple methods above but your child still smells, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

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