5 Tips to Prepare Your Husband to Assist in Labor

Windowofworld.com – Almost all pregnant women feel afraid when they are going through the labor process, either for the first time or who have given birth before. However, this fear can be reduced by the presence of a husband as a companion when starting the labor process.

Together with her husband, pregnant women can share their worries and feel that they have someone who is ready to help at any time. In addition, pregnant women and their husbands will feel happy together to welcome new members of the family. This is very important to get rid of fear when giving birth.

Benefits of being accompanied by a husband when giving birth

Having a companion when giving birth can help pregnant women go through labor. There is evidence that a companion who can perform their role well tends to make it easier for pregnant women to go through labor. As one of the closest people, the husband is the right companion.

Here are the things you can get when your husband accompanies you before childbirth:

1. Support physically and emotionally

For example, helping massage and regulate your breathing to relieve pain during labor. Your husband can also help get into a comfortable position while lying in bed. From an emotional point of view, pregnant women are certainly helped by the presence and support of their husbands, such as words of encouragement. With this support, you will feel cared for and will encourage you to fight against pain.

2. Help pregnant women convey something to the doctor

Especially, when contractions make it difficult to speak. Husbands can also help pregnant women make decisions if the labor process doesn’t go smoothly.

3. Remind the theory of labor as needed

For example, what has been learned in antenatal class or while reading a book. There is a possibility, pregnant women forget because they feel panic.

Tips for Preparing a Husband as a Childbirth Assistant

There are husbands who are still confused when they will accompany a pregnant woman to give birth. Here are some things you can do to prepare your husband to accompany you during the birth process:

1. Invite husband to pack clothes and other necessities during childbirth

When giving birth, pregnant women are the main focus for everyone. Not infrequently, the husband forgets to prepare clothes for himself. A few days before the due date, remind the husband to bring clean clothes and wear comfortable clothes while accompanying later. If necessary, help your husband prepare for these needs.

2. Looking for information on childbirth with husband

Long before the delivery period arrives, ask your husband to participate in learning about childbirth. Occasionally take your husband to an antenatal gym to get information and details of childbirth. The goal is that the husband understands what to do during childbirth. The thing to remember, don’t ask your husband not to be able to read books or information about childbirth from other media, when a pregnant woman has contractions. So have him or her read well before the due date.

3. Asking the husband’s understanding for unusual attitudes

Ask your husband to prepare yourself and understand your attitude before labor. Generally, many pregnant women have unusual requests. There are pregnant women who ask for their feet to be squeezed hard to distract from the pain, but there are also those who hold onto their husband’s hand hard. There are also those who want to be rubbed on their back all the time. Encourage your husband to work together and be supportive during labor. Pregnant women also have to tell your husband what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable. For example, you may feel uncomfortable and panic even more when you hear someone talking a lot.

4. Provide understanding to be ready to make decisions

During childbirth sometimes unexpected things happen. For example, a doctor or midwife has to break the amniotic fluid to speed up the labor process or it turns out that a C-section must be performed. If things like this happen, as a companion, the husband must be ready to make decisions. If you already have a birth plan, make sure your husband knows about it. This will come in handy for her when she has to make the decisions you want in the delivery room.

5. Remind husbands not to push themselves

There are husbands who are not mentally strong when accompanying their wives to give birth. For example, from the beginning, my husband was ready to accompany him, then when he saw blood, his mental decline drastically. Talk to your husband, if things like this happen, your husband can leave the delivery room. If you stay in the room, it is feared that your husband’s condition will interfere with the work of the medical team.

When your husband accompanies you during childbirth, your mental burden will decrease. The labor process becomes more comfortable. But keep in mind that the presence of a husband as a companion does not guarantee that the delivery process will run smoothly. Everything returns to your medical condition and the baby in the womb.