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5 Types of Yoga Poses to Make Your Sleep Better


5 Types of Yoga Poses to Make Your Sleep Better

Windowofworld.com – Medically, having a regular quality and quantity of sleep can help maintain health and endurance.

Meanwhile, yoga is a way that can be done to help someone who has insomnia.

Reporting from Healthline, incorporating yoga practice into your nighttime routine can improve the quality and duration of sleep.

With these 5 types of yoga poses, you will feel the benefits of improving better sleep quality. The following Popmama.com provides complete information:

1. Child’s pose relaxes the muscles of the body

By practicing yoga using the child’s pose every day, this can improve focus and working memory.

Quoted from YoremiKids, child’s pose is a basic relaxed style that helps reduce stress and fatigue. Child’s pose also relaxes the muscles of the body.

To get better quality sleep, relax your chest and let it sink into your thighs for up to 5 minutes.

2. Hero pose makes someone more relaxed

Doing Yoga with a hero pose can help calm the body so that it becomes more relaxed.

Proclaimed from Exploringyourmind, the hero pose will make your mind clearer. This allows you to rest better while sleeping.

Hero Poss or Virasana is indeed one of the best moves to help someone relax.

So, it’s best if you spend a few minutes in the hero pose before going to sleep at night.

3. Camel Pose can improve digestive health

Camel pose is one of the ways you can do it before going to sleep. Doing camel pose or ustrasana for 10 minutes can increase flexibility and strength.

Informed by Tintyoga, the camel pose is very energizing and helps you achieve flexibility in your spine.

Even kneeling on the mat in a cute pose can improve digestive health, so you will have better quality sleep.

Come on, adjust the camel yoga pose to your needs!

4. Corpse pose makes sleep better

Corpse Pose or Savasana is also very useful to help focus your mind and release daily stress.

Published from Bookyogaretreats, savasana is the best of all yoga poses. This pose is the perfect pose to end a yoga session.

By doing the corpse pose, you will get a better night’s sleep.

Come on, do it in the corpse pose for 15-20 minutes.

5. Seated spinal twist relieves tension in the neck

If stomach problems are keeping you up at night and having trouble sleeping, try practicing yoga in a seated spinal twist pose

This exercise will help relieve abdominal swelling and gas retention. In addition, the seated spinal twist pose will also improve circulation and relieve tension in the neck and back area.

Informed by Classpass, the seated spinal twist is a yoga pose that improves digestion and promotes mobility of the spine. This pose also helps relieve lower back pain.

Come on, do a seated spinal twist pose before bedtime at night!

These are the five types of yoga poses to make sleep better. The series of movements above makes you relax, right?


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