5 Waxing Tips for Pregnant Women

5 Waxing Tips for Pregnant Women

It is not uncommon for pregnant women (pregnant women) to feel the fur on their body feels thicker. Waxing is considered to be one solution to deal with excess hair. But, is waxing safe to do during pregnancy? Come, see the following explanation.

Furrow growth during pregnancy is a common symptom. This is caused by hormonal changes, and usually will return to normal within approximately six months after giving birth.

Utilizing Waxing for Smooth Skin

Currently, waxing can be done in the salon or at home. However, before waxing, Bumil is advised to consult a doctor first to ensure its safety against the ongoing pregnancy.

Waxing will make the hair plucked from the skin down to the roots. You do this by applying warm wax to the skin to be removed, then immediately after drying, the wax will be pulled from the skin. Waxing can be done using special products sold in supermarkets.

Waxing during pregnancy is relatively safe to do. It’s just that, doing waxing during pregnancy, it may feel more painful than when not pregnant. This is caused by hormonal changes that cause pregnant skin to become more sensitive and prone to itching.

Noteworthy, waxing should not be done on acne prone skin, wounds, rashes, varicose veins and keloids. This can increase the risk of skin becoming swollen, pimpled, and irritated.

Waxing Tips for Pregnant Women

Besides being done at home, pregnant women can also do waxing in a beauty clinic. Make sure the clinic is clean and waxing is done by experts or supervised by a doctor. Also make sure the salon does not reuse waxing that has been used with other customers. This is useful to reduce the risk of pregnant women having an infection.

In addition, there are a number of things Bumil needs to do before waxing, either at the salon or at home:
1. Cut the fur to shorter
If the hair to be waxed has a length of more than 1.5 cm, pregnant women are recommended to cut it first using scissors. This is because the longer the hair to be waxed, the waxing process.

2. Perform the test first
After that pregnant women can try dripping a little material for waxing the skin. This is useful for checking the skin’s reaction to the wax to be used. If allergic skin reactions occur due to wax, pregnant women are recommended to avoid waxing.

3. Apply antiseptic lotion
Don’t forget to apply antiseptic lotion according to doctor’s advice, before and after waxing, Bumil. This is useful for preventing infection, irritation or skin redness caused by waxing.

4. Use ingredients that are not too hot
If pregnant women do waxing at home. Make sure the material used is not too hot and pregnant women can clearly see the area to be waxed. This is useful to prevent pregnant skin from burning which can then trigger infections in the skin.

5. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
After waxing, pregnant women should avoid direct sun exposure and exercise. In addition, pregnant women should not use products that contain perfume, chemicals, and coloring. Do this for one day after waxing. One day after, pregnant women can return to use skin moisturizer.

Waxing can be a way to have smooth skin during pregnancy. However, still prioritize safety when waxing yes, Bumil. To be more secure, pregnant women can also consult an obstetrician or dermatologist, to get a hair removal recommendation that is safe for pregnant women.

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