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5 Ways To Avoid Sickness Due To Cold During Holidays

5 Ways To Avoid Sickness Due To Cold During Holidays

Cold in the mountains, extreme rainy season or winter can be dangerous, especially if without preparation. This situation is more likely to occur when you are on vacation in a four-season or mountainous country.

Everyone has a different reaction to the cold. However, most people are more at risk of experiencing injuries and disorders of certain health conditions due to cold.

Various health problems due to cold
The following are some of the conditions caused by cold:


1. Frostbite
Occurs when the temperature is below zero, causing the skin and tissue under the skin to freeze. As a result the skin becomes stiff, swollen, and numb.

2. Frostnip
Included in the category of mild frostbite, usually characterized by pale skin that is bluish and numb for a few moments.

3. Cold sores
Looks like blistered and pale skin after the skin is warmed. This condition is caused by spending too much time in cold air but not below freezing (0 degrees).

4. Increased blood pressure
When cold may occur an increase in blood pressure, due to low temperatures that cause blood vessels to narrow. This condition is more often experienced by the elderly (aged over 65 years).

While the worst risk that can arise is hypothermia, which is an emergency condition due to loss of body heat for a long time which can quickly cause loss of consciousness or fainting, even death.

Actions that can be taken to prevent cold
To prevent cold, you can take a number of actions in anticipation, such as:

  1. It is recommended to stay in a warm room. Try to stay active while indoors.
  2. Meet drinking water needs. If possible, consume beverages and warm foods to maintain energy supply in the body. However, do not sweat, because this makes the body release heat so that the body becomes cold.
  3. Wear several layers of warm clothing, socks, and warm footwear, especially when you have to go outdoors or move outdoors.
  4. Elderly aged 65 years or older or who have a risk of certain diseases, such as heart disease, you should set the room temperature to at least 18 ° C or more.
  5. Wear boots or mountain boots that are safe to wear on slippery road surfaces caused by rain, ice or snow.

Although you can anticipate cold, but do not underestimate if your health condition is disturbed because of cold. Immediately consult a doctor for treatment or consumption of drugs so that your health condition does not worsen.

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