5 Ways to Enlarge Hair to Beautify Appearance

Before doing hair care at the salon, there are a variety of ways to widen your hair that you can do. No need to spend deeply, there are a number of ways to grow hair that you can do yourself at home.

There are various ways to enlarge hair that can be an option. But before doing this treatment, make sure that you also have changed habits that can cause hair loss and thinning.

How to grow hair naturally and easily
To naturally grow hair naturally, extra patience is needed so that the desired results are achieved. Here are some ways to make hair more workable:

1. Using an aloe mask
Although it needs further investigation, many people claim that aloe vera can accelerate hair growth. The content of vitamin B 12 and folic acid found on aloe vera can reduce the problem of hair loss that might cause thin hair.

Other ingredients found on aloe vera, such as vitamins A, C, and E, can strengthen and repair strands of hair, including hair damage caused by sun exposure.

2. Using an egg mask
The next way to blow up your hair is to use egg yolks. There are a variety of nutrients from eggs needed by hair, including vitamins A, E, biotin and folic acid. These ingredients can stimulate hair growth and make hair stronger. Egg yolks can also overcome the problem of dry hair because it can moisturize hair naturally.

To get the benefits of egg yolk, you can make an egg yolk mask at home. Mix egg yolks (can also with the white) with olive oil to taste. Then, apply the mask to the scalp and hair evenly. Let stand for 1 hour and wash thoroughly using cold water.

3. Using a coconut oil mask
To naturally enhance your hair, you can make coconut oil a hair mask. Apply pure coconut oil to the scalp and hair evenly. Gently massage and let stand for several hours before washing it. Coconut oil can make hair more moisturized and appear more shiny. Keep hair moisturized, can reduce hair loss.

4. Consume protein intake
Not only using a hair mask, you also need to consume enough protein so that the hair can be thicker. Because when hair lacks protein intake, the hair growth cycle can be disrupted so that hair loss can occur and result in thinner hair. Therefore, fulfilling the protein requirements by consuming legumes, beans, seeds, fish, eggs, and lean meat.

5. Sufficient iron needs
To avoid the problem of hair loss, not only protein intake, which must be considered, but also iron intake. You are advised to fulfill your iron intake by consuming foods such as spinach, oysters, organ meats, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, legumes and iron-fortified cereals.

Try to avoid consuming iron supplements without doctor’s advice, because too much iron can actually be harmful to the body.

Habits That Can Support Dense Hair
In addition to doing a number of ways to make your hair thicker, you also need to avoid habits that can cause hair to become thinner. These habits include:

1. To get healthy, thick hair, it is recommended to minimize the use of hair accessories such as hair clips or hair ties. If your hair must be tied, avoid taut hair because this action can cause hair to break or fall out.

2. Another way to blow hair is to not comb and wash your hair frequently. The reason is, both of these habits can trigger hair loss. Of course this will reduce the chance of getting dense hair.

3. Avoiding hair drying and the use of hair styling tools are important. In addition to causing hair loss, the use of hair dryers and other hair styling tools, can cause hair to become dry and damaged.

If you feel you have treated your hair properly but the hair remains thin, consult your dermatologist. The doctor will examine the health of the scalp and hair to find out the cause of thin hair as well as providing a way to thicken the hair that suits you.