5 Ways to Overcome Children’s Habits Defecate in Pants

The habit of children defecating in pants can sometimes make you upset. If that happens at school, this can also make a child embarrassed and teased by his friends. Therefore, this habit needs to be overcome immediately.

The habit of child CHAPTER on pants can be caused by various things. One of them is because children are afraid to defecate themselves. For this habit to not continue, Mother must know the other causes of this habit and how to overcome it.

5 Ways to Overcome Children’s Habits Urinating in Pants – Alodokter

Various Possible Causes of Children Urinating in Pants
There are various causes of children’s bowel movements in their pants, ranging from the child’s fear of going to the bathroom, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, to the condition of encopresis.

When constipation, the pain when the child will defecate often makes the child choose to hold it. Only, the stool will continue to accumulate and can just come out without being able to hold it again. This is what then causes the child to defecate in his pants.

In addition, children’s bowel habits can also be caused by mistakes when doing toilet training. Mistakes when doing toilet training can disgust a child with his own feces or feel afraid to go to the toilet, so the child chooses the child to defecate in his pants.

Various Ways to Stop Habit Children defecating in Pants
Mothers can overcome children’s bowel habits in the following ways:

1. Do toilet training the right way
Teaching children to urinate and defecate in the toilet (toilet training) in the right way is the first thing you can do to stop children’s habit of urinating in pants.

2. Encourage children to go to the toilet regularly
If the child poops in the pants at the same time every day, the mother can take the child to go to the toilet near that time. Try taking it to the toilet 15-30 minutes before the usual time the child poops in his pants.

3. Familiarize children to be independent
The next way is to teach children to the bathroom alone when the child is going to defecate. As much as possible only give instructions and not always give everything, like opening his pants or lowering the toilet seat, because it can make your child more independent.

4. Let the child clean his own feces
Mothers can ask and teach children to clean themselves and their own feces. This is not a form of punishment, but a process that children must learn.

If the child can follow the instructions, the mother can teach the child to first dispose of poop in the toilet, clean the buttocks, then wash the dirty pants under running water. Don’t forget, remind children to wash their hands afterwards, until they are completely clean.

5. Give foods rich in fiber and enough water
If the habits of the children defecating in their pants are due to constipation, you can give your child fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and meet fluid needs by providing enough water.

Although classified as normal, but if the child’s bowel habits are accompanied by constipation, foul-smelling stools, lower abdominal or rectal pain, and blood in the stool, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor.

Do not let the habit of children defecating in pants makes you stressed and angry. Try to stay calm and use the method above to overcome it. If your child is still accustomed to defecating in his pants, you should consult a doctor to find out the cause and get proper treatment.