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5 Ways To Overcome Sleep Regression That Can Make Your Baby Awake While Sleeping

5 Ways To Overcome Sleep Regression That Can Make Your Baby Awake While Sleeping

Babies who often wake up during a deep sleep at night may experience sleep regression. Although it is normal, sleep regression can make babies more fussy. However, there are some simple ways that Mother and Father can do to ease it.

The term sleep regression is used to describe the phase when babies often wake up while they are sleeping and find it difficult to go back to sleep. Sleep regression is usually experienced by infants, but can also occur in children up to the age of 1.5 years. Generally sleep regression only occurs temporarily, which is around 2-6 weeks.

Part of the Physical and Brain Development Stage of a Baby
Sleep regression occurs at one of the stages of rapid growth and development of the baby’s brain. This stage will disrupt the levels of hormones that regulate sleep in the baby’s brain, causing sleep regression.

In addition, sleep regression can also be caused by external factors, such as stress, teething, pain, changes in baby’s activity, or long trips.

Various Ways to Overcome Sleep Regression
This sleep regression condition is not harmful to the health of the baby, but may interfere and consume the energy of Mother and Father. The following are some ways that can be used to overcome sleep regression in infants:

1. Create a regular sleep schedule
The first thing Mother and Father can do to overcome sleep regression in infants is to make a regular sleep schedule. This can be done by arranging schedules and habits before going to sleep, such as bathing, drinking milk, and reading fairy tales.

2. Get used to babies sleeping in their own bed
Some parents may have difficulty letting their baby sleep alone in bed without being carried. But actually, getting your child to sleep alone in bed is an effective way to overcome sleep regression.

Mother and Father can put your little one in bed when he starts to look sleepy. That way, your child will be trained to be able to sleep in their own way.

3. Turn off the lights when sleeping
In addition to making babies sleep more calmly, turning off the lights while sleeping is also useful for overcoming sleep regression in infants. This is because when you wake up at night and see the lights go out, then the baby will automatically go back to sleep.

In the morning when it’s time for the baby to wake up, don’t forget to turn on the lights. The light is useful for sending signals to the baby’s brain to help him understand the sleep cycle.

4. Calm the baby
When your child wakes up in the middle of sleep, stay calm and gently pat her body so that she returns to sleep soundly. Avoid talking to your child, holding him, turning on the lights, or doing other things that can make him fully awake.

5. Limit the use of gadgets
For some parents, gadget is one of the tools used to make babies happy and not fussy. However, too often using gadgets can actually disrupt the quality and sleep patterns of babies. So, let’s limit the use of gadgets in infants, especially at night before going to bed.

Sleep regression is a normal phase commonly experienced by infants. However, Mother and Father must immediately consult Little Pediatrician to the pediatrician if sleep regression occurs protracted, making it lack of sleep, especially to cause health problems.

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