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5 Ways to Stay Calm through High-Risk Pregnancy


5 Ways to Stay Calm through High-Risk Pregnancy

There are no pregnant women (pregnant women) who want to undergo a high-risk pregnancy. However, this condition is often inevitable. Pregnant pregnant women, know how to safely carry out high-risk pregnancy, so as to avoid dangerous complications.

Pregnant women who experience high-risk pregnancies also still have the possibility of giving birth to healthy babies. The most important thing is to maintain good health and content, according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Risk Factors for High-Risk Pregnancy
High-risk pregnancies can be detected as early as possible, the way to do an examination to the obstetrician before starting the pregnancy program. In general, there are five risk factors that can make a pregnancy classified as high risk, namely:

1. Age
Pregnant under 17 years or pregnant over the age of 35 years are classified as high-risk pregnancies. Pregnancy at that age is considered more risky, compared to women who get pregnant between the ages of 20s to early 30s.


2. body weight
Overweight and underweight can also be a trigger for high-risk pregnancies. For that, pregnant women need to maintain weight to remain stable.

3. Diseases that are owned before pregnancy
Some diseases that have been suffered before pregnancy, can make a high-risk pregnancy. Among these are high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disorders, and disorders of the immune system. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to seek treatment first to a doctor before starting a pregnant program.

4. Have experienced pregnancy complications
Having complications in a previous pregnancy or having a family member who is having a high-risk pregnancy can also increase the risk of a pregnant woman experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

5. Unhealthy lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and frequently taking illegal drugs, can also be risk factors for high-risk pregnancies.

How to Get High Risk Pregnancy Right
Having a high-risk pregnancy, must be done more carefully. High-risk pregnancies can cause pregnant women to experience pregnancy complications, including premature birth, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and placenta previa.

The following are some things that need to be done if pregnant women are in high-risk pregnancy conditions:

1. Fulfilling nutritional needs
It is important to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy. Some types of nutrients needed by pregnant women are folic acid, protein, iron, and calcium. Pregnant women can also take prenatal vitamins as their doctor recommends to meet nutritional needs.

2. Running a healthy lifestyle

The first thing a pregnant woman can do to overcome a high-risk pregnancy is to live a healthy lifestyle. Including avoiding smoking and consuming alcohol, maintaining a nutritious diet, and ensuring getting enough sleep.

3. Manage stress
Stress during pregnancy is a natural thing, and this can be caused by concerns pregnant women. However, don’t let the stress drag on, because it can also increase the risk of a high-risk pregnancy. To deal with stress, pregnant women can use relaxation techniques, such as meditation and listening to favorite music.

4. Exercise regularly
Regular exercise can also be done to overcome high-risk pregnancy. However, consult with your doctor first about the type of exercise that is safe for pregnant women to do.

5. Routinely carry out checks
Conducting routine pregnancy checks is useful for detecting pregnancy disorders that may be experienced as early as possible. Performing regular checks also allows the doctor to monitor fetal development.

Having a high-risk pregnancy must be more careful and alert. However, do not let the pregnant woman stress. Consult your obstetrician to get more specific advice on having a high-risk pregnancy, or if you experience unusual complaints during pregnancy.

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