5 Ways to Train Children to Share

5 Ways to Train Children to Share
5 Ways to Train Children to Share

5 Ways to Train Children to Share

Windowofworld.com – Moms may have witnessed your little one getting upset when they have to lend their toys to other people. This is quite normal, but Mother should not just let it be, because this behavior can develop into a bad character. Come on, train children to share in the following ways.

Sharing is one of the skills that is important to be taught to children as early as possible. By mastering sharing skills, your child will become a person who is not stingy, has a sense of caring and empathy, and is able to build good relationships with others when he grows up.

The Right Way to Train Children to Share

Mother has started to teach your little one to share since she was 3 years old. At first, it might be difficult because your little one will put his wishes first. Therefore, it takes extra patience when practicing it.

The following are ways to train children to share that you can apply:

1. Make sure the child knows what sharing is

You can start by demonstrating what sharing is like. For example, borrow one of his favorite toys. When he refuses, tell him that you would love to borrow the toy. Also tell him that the toy will be returned to him, and for the time being, he can play with the other toys.

After your little one has said yes, wait a few moments, then follow what Mother said by returning her favorite toy. Tell him that he can play with the toy again. That way, he can understand that sharing does not mean that he loses his toys forever.

2. Be a good example for children

Mothers need to know, every child will usually imitate the actions or attitudes of those around him, especially his own parents. So, if you want your little one to want to share, you also need to do the same thing, huh.

You can try by often offering something to your little one. For example, tell him, “You have an apple, here. You want?” That way, your little one will be motivated to do the same.

3. Play games with children that involve sharing

There are several games that can train children to have a sharing attitude, you know. One of them is a game of wooden stacking blocks.

Divide 2 groups of wooden blocks randomly for Mother and Little One. In the middle of the game, Mother and Little One will need blocks of a certain shape from each other. So, you will automatically exchange the blocks you have. That way, your little one can learn to share and help each other.

4. Give praise when the child can share

When your little one wants to share his favorite toy or food, make sure you or other family members give him praise or thanks. Even though it looks trivial, praising what a child does will make him feel like he has accomplished something good. This can make children understand more about the meaning of sharing.

5. Don’t force the child too much

Don’t force or even punish your little one if he doesn’t want to share, okay, Bun. Instead of obeying him, being too pushy or scolding him will actually make it more difficult for him to understand what sharing means and not want to do it.

Mothers need to remember that practicing various attitudes in children cannot be done instantly. It takes time for children to understand and be able to apply this. So, try to be patient and talk softly to your little one. If she is still reluctant to share, you can try again at a later time.

However, if you still find it difficult to train your little one to share or your attitude that doesn’t want to share starts to look worrying, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist to find out how to train your little one that fits his character.


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