6 Causes of Ear Disorders that You Should Know

6 Causes of Ear Disorders that You Should Know
6 Causes of Ear Disorders that You Should Know

6 Causes of Ear Disorders that You Should Know

Windowofworld.comWhat are the causes of ear disorders? Ear disorders can happen to anyone and are generally associated with hearing loss in parents due to age or presbycusis.

However, in fact, ear disorders do not only revolve around hearing loss, but can also be in the form of ear pain and infection.

Ear disorders can appear at any time. Therefore, there are many causes of ear disorders. Check out this article to find out what causes it!

Causes of ear disorders

Disorders of the ears are certainly very disturbing and interfere with daily activities. There are various causes of ear disorders, such as:

1. Earwax

Earwax is the body’s natural process of cleaning the ears, but excess, accumulated earwax can cause ear irritation.

When earwax builds up or is not cleaned properly, it can harden and block the ear canal and interfere with the process of conducting sound.

Sometimes, you can lose hearing and experience pain and itching in the ears. However, don’t try to remove the wax using a cotton swab. Talk to your doctor to prevent infection due to earwax.

2. Loud sound

Loud sounds, such as engine sounds, explosions, listening to music loudly using earphones for a long time can cause ear irritation.

Loud sounds can cause damage to the nerves and hairs in the cochlea of ​​the ear that send sound signals to the brain. This damage causes sound signals not to be properly transmitted and causes hearing loss.

Loud sounds can also make the eardrums burst which of course can cause interference to the ears, especially in the hearing area.

3. Air pressure

Generally, the effect of air pressure on the ears can be felt while on an airplane. You may have pain and difficulty hearing for a while. In severe cases, sudden changes in air pressure can rupture the eardrum and cause ear irritation.

4. Age

It is normal for elderly people to experience problems with the ears, in the form of hearing loss (presbycusis). Similar to loud sounds, age can cause decreased function of the nerves and hairs in the cochlea of ​​the ear, the function of the eardrums, and the function of the bones that carry sound to the inner ear.

5. Water

If you swim a lot, you must be familiar with this condition. When you swim, water can get trapped in your ears and trigger bacteria that cause infection. Usually the disturbance in the ear that is felt is pain when the outer ear is touched.

6. Certain medical conditions

Certain medical conditions or diseases can cause ear problems. Toothache can cause pain in the ear because the nerves in the teeth and ear are close to one another.

Other medical conditions, such as infection of the throat, flu, allergies, pain in the jaw, tumors, etc., can cause ear problems.

Symptoms of hearing loss due to interference with the ear

Disorders of the ear can result in reduced ability to hear, some of the symptoms of hearing loss are:

  • Difficulty listening to consonants
  • Need to turn up the television or radio volume
  • Conversations and voices sound faint
  • Difficulty understanding words, especially when you are in a crowd or there are other sounds
  • Often ask the other person to speak more clearly, quietly, and loudly

Hearing loss due to ear problems can keep you or your relatives away from social situations or avoid conversations.

Prevent hearing loss due to ear disorders

There are several things you can do to prevent hearing loss due to disorders of the ear, including:

  • Take a hearing test, especially if you have difficulty hearing or working in a noisy environment
  • Avoid activities that have the potential to irritate the ears that lead to hearing loss, such as using loud tools, listening to rock concerts, and so on.
  • Make a pause from loud sounds or lower the volume of what is heard to prevent disturbance to the ears
  • Protect your ears by reducing the intensity or duration of sound exposure. If the workplace is noisy, you can use plastic or glycerin-filled earplugs.

Consult a doctor

Immediately consult a doctor if you experience ear problems in the form of hearing loss in one or both ears that interfere with daily activities. The doctor may give you antibiotics, ear drops, or other treatments.


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