6 Men Rape Indian Woman, Forced Victim’s Nephew To Do It Also To Be Recorded

Windowofworld.com – A married woman was raped by six men in front of her nephew in Alwar Rajasthan district, India. Worse, the perpetrators forced the victim’s nephew to do the same thing to be recorded on video.

The video has now gone viral on Indian social media. Tijara police official, Kushal Singh, said that the incident occurred on September 14 when the 45-year-old woman and her 25-year-old nephew returned home on a bicycle after giving Rs 10,000 to a relative in a village in Haryana.

As the two of them were crossing the hill, a group of men, carrying axes and sticks, suddenly stopped them.

According to a report filed at the Tijara police station, the suspects started harassing the two of them and when the woman asked them to stop, they started sexually harassing her.

His nephew was attacked by the suspects until he was helpless. The six suspects then took turns raping the woman. In the end, the six suspects forced the nephew to do the same to Bibiya.

Although the woman told her husband about the sickening attack, the family decided to keep quiet out of fear. But, when the video went viral on social media in Haryana and reached the woman’s relative. Because of this, the victim filed a police report on September 17.

Kushal Singh said police officers had arrested two suspects, Aasam Meo and Sahud Meo and detained a 16-year-old teenager. A police team has been dispatched to Haryana to arrest the remaining suspects.

Later, two other suspects were also arrested on Saturday. “We have now arrested five suspects and only one more remains to be arrested. We are also investigating how the obscene video went viral on social media,” said Alwar Rajasthan district police official Ramoorti Joshi, as quoted by The New Indian Express, Monday (21 / 9/2020).

After initial investigations, the perpetrators confirmed that Dhoota alias Aasam Meo was the main suspect who raped the woman first and even forced the victim’s nephew to do the same. He also made the immoral video.