6 Menstruation Myths That Don’t Believe


6 Menstruation Myths That Don’t Believe

During menstruation, some women may experience a variety of discomforts, from mood swings to annoying stomach cramps. The discomfort is often exacerbated by anxiety due to myths circulating about menstruation that have not been proven true.

Down and down, we are often presented with a variety of restrictions that should not be done during menstruation. In fact, the myth of menstruation is usually only based on the beliefs circulating in the community, without any scientific proof.

Myths about Menstruation
So that the myths about menstruation do not make you worry, first check the truth of the following myths:

1. Must not wash hair
Menstrual myths circulating say that washing hair during menstruation is not good to do. This is not proven. No shampooing can actually interfere with comfort and personal hygiene.


Bathing and washing hair actually makes your body feel more comfortable during menstruation you know.

2. Cannot exercise
During menstruation the body will indeed tend to get tired easily, but this is not a reason to make you not exercise.

In fact, doing exercise during menstruation can actually make your mood (mood) better and prevent you from experiencing stomach cramps. Some sports that are good for menstruation are walking, jogging, biking, swimming or dancing.

3. Cannot swim
Another menstrual myth that may be familiar is that you cannot swim, because menstrual blood will pollute the pool.

In fact, you can still swim during menstruation without polluting the pool. If you’re worried, you can use tampons first before swimming, so you can calm down swimming without polluting the pool.

4. Sexual intercourse during menstruation does not cause pregnancy
Some women consider having sexual intercourse during menstruation cannot cause pregnancy.

In fact, having sex during menstruation can also cause pregnancy. This happens because sperm can survive for several days in a woman’s body, so when menstruation ends, sperm can immediately move towards the egg.

5. Menstruation always comes on time
Maybe you often hear that menstruation must always arrive on time every month. This is what might make a woman worry if menstruation comes late or too fast.

In fact, menstruation may not always arrive on time every month, because menstrual cycles can indeed vary between 21-35 days. Sooner or later the menstrual cycle can be caused by several factors, such as changes in body weight, emotions, or medications consumed.

6. Menstruation is the time to get rid of ‘dirty blood’

Menstrual blood is often referred to as “dirty blood”. This is what then makes menstruation considered one of the ways the body gets rid of toxins from the body.

In fact, blood that comes out during menstruation is not ‘dirty blood’, but rather a mixture of blood, uterine tissue, mucus, and a few bacteria.

From now on, don’t immediately believe when you hear the myth of menstruation. If you hear information about menstruation that is still in doubt, you can first confirm this to your doctor.

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