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6 Types of Food to Lengthen Hair Fast and Healthy

6 Types of Food to Lengthen Hair Fast and Healthy – Many women crave long hair because it can attract and make her look beautiful. If you are one of them, understanding how to grow hair quickly and healthily can help make your dreams come true.

Hair growth is influenced by, among other things, your age, hair type, and your health condition. In addition, hair growth is also influenced by diet. So that the food you consume becomes nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

Promotes Hair Growth with Food

Here are some types of food that you can consume to maintain healthy hair and help hair growth:

1. Chicken meat

In order for hair to grow properly and not fall out, it is necessary to have enough protein-containing foods. Lean chicken meat can be a great source of protein for your hair.

2. Eggs

Not only chicken, it turns out that the benefits of eggs can also help hair growth because they contain protein, iron, and vitamin B which are good for hair.

3. Spinach

Like other green vegetables, spinach is good for consumption to keep the scalp moisturized so that the hair does not break easily. Spinach contains folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and beta carotene.

4. Salmon

With the content of omega 3 fatty acids, the benefits of salmon can make your hair shiny and look healthy.

5. Guava

Guava is good for hair because it contains lots of vitamin C.

6. Cinnamon

The properties of cinnamon can improve blood circulation and carry oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Treatment For Hair Length

Apart from consuming foods that support hair health and growth, you can also take natural treatments to stimulate your hair growth. One way is by using coconut oil. Coconut oil hair care can be done at home before going to bed.

Use coconut oil on your hair and scalp, then wrap your hair in a head covering to shower, then shampoo the next day. Coconut oil has a fatty acid structure and can easily penetrate the hair shaft, so it can repair damaged or brittle hair.

Avoid Things That Can Inhibit Hair Growth

So that hair growth is not stunted, you also need to pay attention to daily habits. Because, there are several habits that might damage hair and inhibit hair growth, including:

  • Too often use a hairdryer.
  • Too often use a flat iron or hair straightener.
  • Too often shampoo and comb your hair.
  • Hair care using chemicals.
  • Too often do hair dye with hair dye.

Some of the habits above can cause dry hair and lose its natural oils. The friction that occurs when combing also risks causing hair breakage and can damage the cuticles of the hair. If you have to use a hair dryer or straightener, it’s best to use the lowest possible heat to minimize damage to your hair.

Long hair fast and healthy can be through adequate nutrition, coupled with good care. Also avoid some habits that can hinder hair growth.

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