6 Ways to Overcome Neck Pain Due to Too Long in Front of a Computer

For those of you who daily work at a computer for a long time, neck pain may be familiar. This condition can certainly interfere with comfort. Come on, find out how to overcome and prevent what you can do.

Neck pain due to prolonged stay in front of the computer is usually triggered by poor posture, lack of active movement in the neck muscles, stress, errors when moving the neck, or an injury to the neck muscles.

Various Ways to Overcome Neck Pain
There are several ways you can do to deal with neck pain, namely:

1. Adjust the sitting position
The first thing you can do to deal with neck pain is to adjust the sitting position while working. Your seat distance from the computer must not be too far or too close. Try to keep the distance from the eye of the computer screen about one arm.

2. Stretch the neck muscles
Stacking work is no reason to focus too much on the computer screen and not stretch at all, you know. When working, once in a while you can stretch your neck muscles to deal with a painful neck.

3. Avoid stress
Not infrequently work that is nearing a deadline or a small dispute with a colleague makes you stressful. Now, stress can increase the risk of neck muscle tension, causing neck pain.

To avoid stress at work, you can listen to your favorite music, do light meditation, or just take a short walk around the office.

4. Compress with cold water
If possible, you can compress the stiff neck with cold water for 20 minutes. Cold compresses are useful for reducing inflammation and relieving neck pain. In addition, you can also take a warm bath.

5. Quality sleep
After tired of working all day, do not forget to get quality sleep. Besides being beneficial for restoring energy, getting quality sleep is also beneficial for treating neck pain.

To deal with neck pain, you can sleep on your back or side on one side, and support your neck with a pillow. You are also encouraged to get enough sleep, at least 6-8 hours of sleep per day.

6. Consumption of drugs
Taking pain medication can also be an option to relieve neck pain. Neck pain medication that you can take is paracetamol.

But if the pain has spread to the hands, accompanied by headaches, or has been very disturbing activity, do not hesitate to see a doctor immediately.

How to Prevent Neck Pain
After neck pain has healed, you can prevent it from happening again with a few easy ways, namely doing light movements (standing in place, walking, or stretching every 30 minutes), limiting the use of cell phones (cellphones), and stretching neck muscles after using cellphone.

In addition, avoid sleeping in the prone position, because it can make neck muscles become tense and painful. It’s best to sleep on your side on one side or on your back.

When sleeping, use a pillow only to position the head parallel to the body. Avoid using pillows that are too high because it will make the neck muscles stretch throughout the night, so that the neck can feel painful when I wake up.

Neck pain due to too long in front of the computer can interfere with comfort, while reducing your work productivity. To overcome and prevent it, do the methods above yes. If neck pain does not go away, do not hesitate to see a doctor so that appropriate treatment can be given.