6 Ways to Overcome Stress due to Not Getting Pregnant

6 Ways to Overcome Stress due to Not Getting Pregnant

6 Ways to Overcome Stress due to Not Getting Pregnant

After doing various methods to get pregnant, aren’t you also successful? Don’t get stressed out. Instead of getting pregnant, stress has the potential to reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

When stressed, a person will usually tend to be lazy to have sex and tend to find pleasure by smoking or consuming alcohol. This is the reason why you have to deal with stress when planning a pregnancy so that your chances of cuddling your child are even greater.

Do This to Overcome Stress
Some ways you can deal with stress because you don’t get pregnant are:

1. Consumption of healthy foods
The stress of not getting pregnant can make your appetite increase. You will also usually take it out on sweet and unhealthy foods. In fact, excessive consumption of sweet foods can make hormone levels become unbalanced. This can affect your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant.

To prevent this, when stress strikes, you are advised to change your diet to be healthier and consume foods that contain folic acid and vitamin B. Some foods you can choose are rice, cereals, fish, vegetables, and fruit.

2. Have sex with a happy heart
Have sex with a relaxed and without burdened the mind if you want to get pregnant. Every now and then you need to have sex without having to follow a schedule and only do it when you really want to.

To help you calm down, you and your partner can also go to eat at a restaurant or watch a movie in the cinema first before returning home to have sex.

3. Be diligent in exercising
According to research, regular exercise for 30 minutes every day can reduce stress by 25%, you know. Some types of exercise that are known to be useful in reducing stress and increasing the chances of pregnancy are walking, swimming, yoga, and aerobic exercise.

4. Perform outdoor activities
Doing outdoor activities with your partner is useful to ease your worries because you don’t get a baby. Therefore, try to do a picnic, hiking, or just walking in the wild with your partner.

5. Share the time for other activities
Not getting pregnant may make your mind only focus on this. However, it will only make you more stressed. Try to share your time and focus on other things, like doing fun activities with friends or doing certain projects in the office.

Divide your time for a variety of fun things will make your life feel more balanced and reduce the stress that you experience.

6. Take time to care for and pamper yourself
Taking care of yourself is not merely about eating healthy foods or regularly seeing your doctor for health. You also need to have “me time”. You can do activities that you like, like reading books or taking cooking lessons. Do things that can make you who you really are.

If possible, you can also do meditation and yoga to make your mind and body more relaxed.

Not even getting pregnant can stress you out. However, as much as possible calm your mind and do not blame yourself. Do the various tips above to overcome the stress that you experience.

Believe that each prospective mother has their respective time to get pregnant. So, just enjoy every process and time available. If deemed necessary, you can also consult an obstetrician or psychologist about the right way to deal with stress and increase the chances of getting pregnant.


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