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64 New CPU Bits Purchased ?? Choice !!!

64 New CPU Bits Purchased ?? Choice !!!

Suddenly, the Intel ranks became difficult to follow. You failed to mention Core 2 Duo, the newest chip. Which CPU chip to buy?

Why not buy a bag of potato chips?

At worst you can enjoy eating chips.

OK, that’s enough. AMD has made Intel look bad for three years. 64-bit, dual-core chip is more sophisticated than that of Intel.

Meanwhile, Intel is trying hard to produce a 4 gigahertz chip. In October 2004, Intel said it would stop emphasizing raw speed. It has been a winning strategy for years. But AMD chips work at a much slower speed and use far less power.


With its Core chip, Intel has clearly broken its previous demon-speed. Furthermore, Core 2 Duo is significantly stronger than AMD’s best.

Core Solo and Core Duo were introduced in January. Both are used primarily on laptops. Apple also uses this chip on the desktop. This is a 32-bit chip. That’s good, because 99.9 percent of consumer software is 32-bit.

The words Solo and Duo refer to the number of cores on the chip. The core is basically a complete microprocessor. Solo has one core that can be used, Duo two. Assuming the software you use can access two cores, two is better than one. For example, you might use Adobe Photoshop to edit your photos. Photoshop has advanced; it must take advantage of two cores.

Core Solo is a Core Duo chip with one core disabled. So it seems not strong enough. But these two chips are amazing.

The word “extraordinary” is incompatible with a Core 2 Duo chip. (Figure 2 connotes a new generation, according to Intel.) That the processor does not only have two cores; it also runs 64-bit programs. That’s not important today, but ultimately. It also runs at speeds higher than its Core cousin.

Online tests show this chip is about 20 percent stronger than comparable AMD equipment. That is an amazing jump.

Expect AMD to produce new muscular chips. In fact, this competition will result in a constant increase. And that must hold prices. Indeed, on the July 21 weekend AMD announced a major cut (in 50%) to a higher, more expensive 64 bit chip. Really a great situation for consumers.

So what should you buy?
The reduction in the price of AMD 64-bit chips is extraordinary. In addition, the reduction in older Sempron type CPUs is only in the range of 8% so that older processors don’t seem to buy in any way.

But you have to buy a fancy 64 bit jazzier motherboard.

Maybe your motherboard is a favorite and is very reliable.

Remember at this time your motherboard is getting older. Although it often happens that if you pass the first month of reliable motherboard usage, electronic components such as capacitors age with time and become unreliable. Your motherboard is aging

Apart from that it becomes common knowledge about the main prices to go down the resale value of your motherboard and the CPU will go down like a stone. Maybe it’s time to unpack now before it’s too late. Trade up.

Exchange with what and for what purpose? At this point, 64-bit capability is not important. So, don’t be too heavy. If you use Photoshop or other sophisticated software, Duo is worth a while. If you must have speed, Core 2 Duos will be coming soon.

Personally, I might choose Core 2 Duo. This will be offered in several iterations, based on the clock speed. I will look for one in the middle of the range.

AMD chips are also still very fast. Some laptops have AMD Turion chips, which are good.

One more thing: It’s easy to fall into the trap of waiting. That’s because we know something hotter, cooler or faster will be coming soon. Unfortunately, it always is.

Do your homework. Remember that it’s never wise to look back after making your decision.

Enjoy your new motherboard / CPU combination and as famous New York Ranger right-wing player Max Labovitch (number 79) says It’s always easy to be a quarterback Monday morning.

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