7 Benefits of bay leaf for health, not only for delicious food

7 Benefits of bay leaf for health, not only for delicious food

7 Benefits of bay leaf for health, not only for delicious food

The bay leaf or Eugenia polyantha is often used by the Indonesian people as a food delicacy. However, besides that you need to know that the benefits of bay leaves are also believed to be able to maintain health and help overcome various diseases.

In the bay leaf content there are compounds such as niacin, fiber, tannin, and vitamin C which are thought to reduce serum triglyceride levels. Not only that, one of the most popular benefits of bay leaf is as an upset stomach medicine and helps overcome diarrhea.

Get to know the various benefits of Salam leaves
Many studies have been carried out in turning bay leaves into extracts that are useful for treating various health complaints and diseases. Although in fact it still needs further research, here’s what you need to know from bay leaf extract:

1. Prevents kidney stones
Studies show bay leaf extract can prevent kidney stones. Bay leaf extract is also believed to be able to reduce the amount of urease in your body. Urease is an enzyme which if excessive can cause several disorders, including increasing the risk of kidney stones.

2. Prevents breast cancer
Studies show bay leaf extract may help prevent breast cancer. This extract has antioxidant properties that can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

3. Lowering and managing blood sugar levels
From one study, consuming bay leaf extract regularly, can help reduce and manage blood sugar levels. This benefit helps diabetics avoid various aggravating complications.

In addition, bay leaves are also believed to have benefits for:

4. Reduces dandruff if used on the scalp.
5. Helps relieve muscle and joint pain.
6. Potential to reduce uric acid levels.
7. Helps reduce skin sores and inflammation.

Helps overcome high cholesterol, especially reducing triglyceride levels.
Various benefits of bay leaves above, still need further investigation, because it has not been supported by sufficient clinical evidence. In addition, side effects and safe doses of bay leaves, whether consumed directly or consumed as supplements or extracts, have not been established.

Guide to Eating Greeting Leaves
Generally bay leaf is consumed by mixing it into the dish as a natural flavoring and food fragrance. Not only is it useful to add flavor and aroma, bay leaves that have been mixed in cooking are also beneficial for maintaining health by increasing endurance.

Bay leaves can also be boiled to drink water, or brewed with warm tea. However, now to obtain the benefits of bay leaf in a more practical way, it can be done by consuming it in the form of extracts or supplements that have been created as herbal medicines.

If you want to get the benefits of bay leaf by taking bay leaf extract, it is recommended to be more careful in choosing herbal supplements. If necessary, consult your doctor first, especially if you have special health conditions or are undergoing certain medications.


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