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7 Prayers for the New Bride to Be More Blessing and Harmonious


7 Prayers for the New Bride to Be More Blessing and Harmonious

Windowofworld.com – Marriage is a promise that is carried out by two people to formalize a marriage relationship. Marriage is also one of the sunnah worship for those who are able and in special conditions.

Rasulullah SAW said “O young men, if you are capable, then marry. Really getting married is more reassuring to the eyes and genitals. For those who are not able to, then fast because fasting can be a shield for him.”(HR. Bukhari).

After getting married, the newlywed couple will get lots of congratulations and prayers from their relatives to accompany their steps in starting a household life to be more blessed and harmonious.

If you want to know prayers so that the newlyweds will be more blessed and harmonious, this time Popmama.com has summarized them.

1. Prayer for blessings

Having a married life filled with blessings is everyone’s dream and hope. Blessings in a marriage will come with a variety of positive things, such as abundant sustenance or social life for married couples.

The following is a prayer to ask for blessings for the newlyweds, namely:

Allaahumma baarik lii fii Ahlii wa baarik li Ahlii fiya

Meaning: “O Allah, bless my wife for me and bless me for my wife.”

2. Prayer for happiness in the afterlife

Every couple certainly yearns for a happy home in this world and in the hereafter. The following is a prayer for a happy married life in the world and the hereafter, namely:

Robbanaa aatinaa milladunka rohmatan wahayyi ‘lanaa min’ amrinaa rosyada.

Meaning: “O our Lord, grant us mercy from Your side, and give us conveniences and leadership for the safety of our religion.”

3. Pray that the household will always be in harmony

Problems in marriage will always occur which of course must be passed and enjoyed together as part of the life process in the household. Well, this is a prayer that Mama can say so that the household is always harmonious, namely:

Robbanaa hablanaa min azwaajinaa wa zurriyaatinaa qurrota’ayuniw waj’alna lil-muttaqiina imama

It means: “O Allah, grant to us our spouses and our descendants as pleasing (us), and make us leaders for those who are pious.”

4. Prayers that soon will be gifted with offspring

For some married couples, of course, they expect the presence of their children in the middle of their household life. However, there are descendants who are immediately entrusted with their descendants after marriage and there are also those who need to wait some time.

Here are two verses in the Koran that you can read to ask for offspring by Allah SWT, namely:

Surat Ali Imran, verse 38

Robbi hab lii mil ladungka zurriyyatang thoyyibah, innaka samii’ud-du’aaa

Meaning: “O Allah, give me good offspring from Your side, verily You are All-Listening prayer.”

Surat Al-Anbiya verse 89

Robbi laa tazarnii fardaw wa angta khoirul-waarisiin

Meaning: “O Allah, don’t let me live alone (without children) and You are the best heir.”

5. Prayer is enhanced by compassion

One of the keys in marriage is affection which can also make a household more harmonious. The following is one of the verses in the letter Taha that can be read to increase affection, namely:

Wa’alqaitu alaika mahabbatamminnii walitushna’a alaa ainii

Meaning: “And I have instilled from my mercy a feeling of affection for you, and that you should be defended and maintained under My supervision.” (Q.S Taha: 39)

6. Prayer before having sex

Having sex is a human biological need which will certainly be fulfilled when the couple already has a marriage bond. However, husband and wife are encouraged to read prayers first before having intimate relations so that Allah SWT is always protected and bestowed with blessings.

The following prayers can be read, namely:

Allahumma jannibnasy syaithon wa jannibisy syaithon maa rozaqtanaa

Meaning: “O Allah, keep us away from Satan and keep away the devil from what You gave us.”

7. Prayer to soften the partner’s heart

In a married life, of course the couple will go through many problems that must be resolved together. When a married couple has a soft heart, they will easily solve a problem and will provide comfort to each other.

Here are the prayers that you can read, namely:

Maa anzalnaa alaikal qur’aana litastqoo. Illa nadzkiratalliman yakhsyaa. Tanziilammimman kholakol ‘ardho wassamaawaatil’ uula. Arrohmaanu ‘alaa ul’ arsyi ‘ustawaa

Meaning: We (Allah) have sent down this Koran to you so that you will be harmed! It is to serve as a warning to those who are afraid. (Koran) which was revealed from God, who created the earth and some of the high heavens. Merciful God, on the throne He is praying. He has what is in the heavens, and on the earth, and between the two, and what is underground.

Those are the prayers that can be said so that the newlyweds will be more harmonious and bestowed with blessings. Hopefully this is useful, Ma!


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