7 Quick Sex Tips for Avoiding Pain

Quicky or quickie is considered as one of the sex fantasies that are often owned by couples. This sex can be done anywhere in the house with a short duration. Usually the warm-up or warm-up session is short and goes straight to an intense sex phase.

Enjoyment of Short Sex
Short sex gives pleasure to both parties. Some like this gender because it can increase adrenaline. Especially if you have sex in places that are not public, such as in the kitchen or living room. Feeling a little afraid to give a great sensation to the couple.

Although it gives pleasure and a sensation of extraordinary satisfaction. This sex also gives great pain to women because the vagina is not sexually ready. Finally, injuries such as blisters often occur so women are reluctant to do it again even though the fantasy hasn’t disappeared.

Prevents Fast Sex That Feel Pain
If you don’t want to experience a quickie that is painful and can’t be enjoyed, do a few tips below. By doing the tips below sex can walk more exciting than before.

Choosing the Right Sex Position
If you want to reduce pain, choose a style of lovemaking that is comfortable for both parties. Do not use the style of making love that is difficult and cause pain when penetration is done.

Sex styles that can be used are doggy style, butterfly, and woman on top. This style is easy to do and does not require couples to take off their clothes completely. Women only need to take off their pants when wearing skirts and men only take the penis out of their pants.

Use Additional Lubricants
Because express sex is very minimal warming, a woman’s vagina will often dry up so that sex performed will provide pain. Now, for sex to continue to run smoothly, couples must use additional lubricants so sex can be smoother.

Use water based lubricant. This lubricant will replace natural lubricants in the vagina that have not formed properly. You are also advised to use a condom because a quickie will usually make men ejaculate easily.

Trying to Use Sex Aids
Sex aids are needed to provide greater stimulation, especially women. Stimulation will make women more sexually ready. Sex aids that can be used are vibrators or types of dildos that will provide intense stimulation while men stimulate other parts.

Oh yes, if the couple does not have sex aids, just use your hands to provide more intense stimulation. For example, men give fingers properly and stimulate the area of ​​the clitoris intensely so that female libido can increase significantly.

Doing Short Foreplay
Do foreplay with a little intense. Foreplay can be done by kissing or stimulating a partner’s genitals. If you and your partner have planned quickly since a few hours before, try to make love.

Perform stimulation using chat or telephone. You can also exchange naughty messages in the form of text or images. With this brief stimulus or warm-up, the possibility of increased libido in men and women will increase significantly. So, as much as possible do it.

Provide Stimulation to Previous Women
Stimulating women is a must for couples who want to do a quickie. This stimulation can be done by giving intense oral sex. In this way a man can easily make a woman sexually ready so that a quickie can walk quickly and reduce pain.

Men don’t need to be stimulated first because their libido tends to be high. The main focus is to make women become more “wet” so that quickie can be done and pleasure can be done by both parties.

Don’t Worry About Orgasm
Having quick and light sex can only bother some people, especially women. Moreover, they can not experience orgasm quickly. There will most likely be extreme dissatisfaction and pain.

So that a quickie doesn’t cause problems and fears that reduce pleasure, it’s better not to think about it. Have sex naturally and enjoy everything perfectly. Case then in the middle of the road you and your partner must end it without problems. Sex is done not to get a moment’s orgasm, but also closeness.

Choosing the Right Location
Choose sex locations that are comfortable or challenging. During this time the couple often have sex in the room or on the bed. Having sex there will make you bored easily. Although making love on a comfortable mattress, a quickie will not give a deep impression.

Different if the quickie is done in the bathroom when cleaning the body together. Sex will have its own challenges. Then it can be in the living room or maybe in the car. A place like this will give the impression of its own if used for quick sex.

Here are some tips that should be done by couples who want to have sex quickly. Hopefully you can use it as a reference and one day a quickie won’t experience pain.