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7 Top Tips for Microsoft Word Users

7 Top Tips for Microsoft Word Users

Microsoft Word is a very easy tool to start using. But there are many interesting features under the hood. Some of these features can save you a lot of time when producing documents. I am amazed that they are not as famous as they should be. These seven top tips are my favorites and I can’t imagine living with Microsoft Word until I find it!

1. Oops. I left Caps lock!

We all know that feeling. You type cheerfully and then stare at the screen to realize that you have pressed the Caps Lock key. Now everything you just typed in is the wrong capitalization. Do not give up. Highlight the text and goto Format menu and select Change Case from the drop down menu. Then just select the case you want from the list provided, which might be a TOGGLE case.

2. When we talk about Case.

Some useful shortcut keys:


Highlight your text and click Control Shift A to set everything to Uppercase.

Control Shift K will set it to be a small Capital.

3. Move quickly around your document.

Try these shortcuts to get around your document quickly.

Alt Page Down Control: Next Page
Control Alt Page Up: Previous Page
Control Home: Go to the top of your document
Alt End Control: Go to the end of your document

Also, with newer versions of Word there is a smart little button below the vertical scroll bar called Select Browse Object. Click this and choose one of the options to browse your document directly to tables, graphs, titles etc.

4. I’m lost. Where am I?

Forgot where you just made changes to your document? Try pressing Shift + F5.
This will take you back to where you made the last change. You can do this two more times to return to the previous two changes.

5. One click find

One of the Find screen interruptions when you search for text to appear in your document is the fact that the text always appears right above the text you are looking for! But there is no need to keep the screen open. After you use the Find command to find the first entry, close the Find screen. You should note that the small double arrow below the vertical scroll bar to the right of Word has turned blue. Click this to go up and down your document to find your text.

6. Numbering rows in your table

How many times have you made a table where you only want the first column to be a numbered list. It’s easy to do this quickly. Just select the column and click the Numbering button on your Word toolbar. The same thing works if you select rows and want to have numbering in your column

7. Fast Page break

My last tip is really simple and probably the one I use the most. To insert page breaks quickly, just use CTRL + Enter

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