7 Ways to Give Birth Normal Without Pain

7 Ways to Give Birth Normal Without Pain

Childbirth is a painful process and can even be life threatening. But actually, there are ways that pregnant women can give birth normally without pain. In order to get through it smoothly, be aware of a variety of methods and medicines to relieve discomfort during labor.

Pain is a sign that labor is imminent. There are various methods and drugs to help pregnant women give birth without pain. You can consult these methods with your doctor, in order to get the best treatment steps to deal with pain during childbirth.

Various Drug Choices and Methods
The use of drugs to launch labor may be done while under the supervision of an obstetrician. Below are the types of medicines and maternity methods that can be applied:

1. Local anesthesia
Local anesthesia is often used by doctors to relieve pain in the vagina or around the vagina. This drug is usually given to reduce pain if an incision is needed in the area around the vagina or episiotomy. However, this method cannot reduce pain during labor.

2. Epidural anesthesia
Epidural anesthesia can also be used during labor. This anesthetic is given by injection in the back area, through a special tube called an epidural catheter. This tube is inserted into the spinal cord. Epidural anesthetic starts working within 10-20 minutes after the drug is injected.

3. Spinal – epidural combined (combined spinal – epidural / CSE)
CSE anesthesia has the same procedure as epidural anesthesia. However, CSE anesthesia can work faster and requires fewer doses compared to epidurals.

The drug is given by injection into a cavity lining the spinal column. CSE anesthesia can work directly after injection and will last longer. If your labor is prolonged, an anesthetic can be given through an epidural catheter.

4. entonox gas
Entonox is a combination of nitric oxide and oxygen gas which can help reduce pain during labor. This gas can be inhaled by breathing deeply slowly from a mask that you can hold yourself. Unfortunately, this method is not yet commonly used in Indonesia.

5. Petidin injections
Petidine injections are given to the buttocks or thigh muscles. In addition to calm down, these injections play a role in reducing pain.

6. Childbirth in water
Some hospitals provide delivery facilities in a small pool or tub of warm water. The birth method called water birth is believed to make pain related to uterine contractions become lighter and pregnant women feel more comfortable.

7. Hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing is a technique to keep women calm and comfortable during labor. Through the hypnosis method, you can better manage stress and pain responses so that the uterine muscles can work effectively. This method can also help the body to get enough oxygen during labor.

Research shows that women who use this technique experience less pain and anxiety, faster cervical opening, and shorter recovery time after giving birth.

Learning about the labor process can make you better prepared. That way, the possibility of being able to give birth normally without pain is higher. While waiting for the birth of Little, try to keep moving by light walks or kneel in the delivery room. It is also important to regulate good breathing patterns, the way is to take a deep breath, focus and calm the mind, then exhale.

If possible, invite the closest person, such as husband, mother, or best friend, to accompany you during labor. They can provide moral support, as well as provide light massage to reduce pain when undergoing a normal delivery.

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