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7 years of marriage, 7 years of Missing Ramadan in your hometown


7 years of marriage, 7 years of Missing Ramadan in your hometown

Windowofworld.com – There are always stories, experiences, and distinct impressions that are felt every time the month of Ramadan comes. There are even stories that are never forgotten because they happened in this holy month. Everyone also has their own way of interpreting the month of Ramadan. The writing submitted by Fimela’s Friends who was included in the Story Sharing Competition about the Beauty of Ramadan in Share Your Stories this April also presents its own meaning and lesson.


By: Nanik Prasasti

The hometown that I miss is a small village with the axis of the entrance through the swamp on the right and left, the scenery is certainly serene, especially at dusk, the reflection of light on the water is so sparkling that the eyes don’t want to look away. The atmosphere in the afternoon is fun and calming. Not to mention when a breezy wind blows, adding to the extraordinary pleasure of twilight in my hometown. Can you imagine how nice it will be while waiting for the iftar time in my village? Syahdu of course.

Writing this during Ramadan 2021 and being the seventh Ramadan I passed the evening atmosphere of my village only in dream. Recollecting fragments of my pre-college and marriage memories, which forced me to leave the village to study in a big city. If you count it since college, it has actually been more than seven years, but during college you still enjoyed the atmosphere of Ramadan in the village several times, even though it was not for a full month.

When I got married in 2014, I had spent the Ramadan atmosphere in my serene village as I described above to follow my husband to his city. Yes, the village’s quiet atmosphere immediately turned into a frenetic city atmosphere. Since the beginning, my husband’s job was in his hometown and a year later it was followed by me who got a job there too. As a result, returning to my hometown is a rare thing for me, especially when my mother-in-law always wants her children to spend the first day of Eid at her house first, so for 7 years I miss the atmosphere of Ramadan in my village, even really miss it.

Homesickness with Homeland Serenity

My village which is quite far from the city makes the atmosphere very quiet and calm. After each meal, usually there are still many children who walk in the morning, so that the cheerfulness of the children is still evident in the morning. Their tadarus voice before the Zuhr call to prayer is continued in the afternoon after the Asar prayer, making the village atmosphere feel more like Ramadan.

Towards breaking the fast, twilight in the swamp is the right choice, no need to go to the takjil market or to go to the city far away, just spending time on the edge of the swamp to see the evening sun disappear slowly has become a happy thing, simple but memorable that is dusk in my village.

A few moments before the evening call to prayer reverberated, groups of children, teenagers and men on the edge of the swamp were ready to return to their respective homes, leaving the twilight that slowly disappeared by night.

The sky in my village during Ramadan is indeed calmer, cooler and more pleasant to look at. Likewise at night, during Ramadan, somehow the stars and the moon are also visible more clearly, so that when you go to the musala or mosque for tadarus, it seems as if the sky is accompanying beautifully.

In the village there is 1 main mosque and 3 prayer rooms which are quite large, it’s up to choose prayer and tadarus wherever possible, everyone is friendly to accept because they really know each other. With the existence of 4 mosques or prayer rooms, make Eamadan’s night even more alive with His verses. Fun is not it?

Not to mention at dawn, the children woke up by tapping a rhythmic kentongan, where in the city something like that, maybe there is, but it’s very rare to find such togetherness and enthusiasm.

That is the Ramadan atmosphere in my village that I have missed so much, even this year I have not been able to enjoy the Ramadan atmosphere in the village because of the demands of my husband’s job which is quite dense. Longing greetings for the evening sky during Ramadan in my village.


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