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8 Games That Can Increase Children’s Concentration


8 Games That Can Increase Children’s Concentration

Windowofworld.com – When doing distance learning today, there are so many distractions that it makes it difficult for children to concentrate on homework or textbooks for any length of time.

You may find it when asking your child to concentrate is harder than it looks. The situation can be even worse when it is easier for the child to have access to a cell phone or other device that can cause distraction.

So, what can you do to increase your child’s concentration? One way is to play games that help increase his concentration. What games are you doing, Ma?

This time Popmama.com will discuss 8 brain games that can be done to fill children’s free time between studying to increase their concentration range. Read on for the information below!

1. Crossword puzzle

This game is a great cognitive exercise, as it challenges the brain to focus while trying to figure out the answer. You can find a book of crossword puzzles that are appropriate for your child’s age.

In addition to helping children improve concentration, filling in this crossword puzzle also helps children in the long run to reduce their risk of developing dementia later.

2. Puzzle

Of course, puzzle games are no longer fun in Mama’s ears, right? Interestingly, as reported by buzzingbubs.com, puzzles are great for enabling children to use their short-term memory.

The child’s mind should concentrate on sorting out the different colors that make up the image. The more pieces, the more often the child’s brain works, which forces the child to think harder than usual.

Solving jigsaw puzzles every day can help children improve their concentration.

3. Chess

If you are looking for other games that will train your child to think critically and logically, then chess is the game you need.

Playing chess forces children to think about using both sides of their brain. This can significantly help the child increase his concentration.

This board game challenges children to be creative in solving problems. So he had to concentrate a lot on doing well enough to win.

4. Sudoku

Solving sudoku games can train your child’s mind to absorb multiple strategies and pieces of information in a short amount of time.

Therefore, playing this sudoku also forces the child’s brain to concentrate, so that in the end he can put all the numbers in order without repeating.

Although it may be difficult at first, these numbers games stimulate the brain to think quickly and make children better at activities that require a lot of concentration and thought.

5. Yoga brain

Brain yoga may seem simple but it can be very challenging for a child’s brain concentration. The way this game works is that the child must clench his two hands, then stretch out his little finger on the left hand, and the right hand stretch out his thumb.

After that, the child only needs to try alternating, where the right hand sticks out the little finger while the left hand sticks out the thumb. Try to do it several times.

Playing brain yoga requires a lot of coordination to get it right. Doing this several times a day can help your child increase his concentration significantly.

6. The tray game

When spending free time with children, try to play tray games that improve their concentration and memory skills.

To play this game, you can place some items randomly on the tray. Then ask the child to look at the tray quickly, and count 5 seconds, cover the tray with a cloth so that the items are not visible.

Then ask the child to try to remember everything on the tray without looking. When the child is able to write down all the items they remember, open the tray and see if there is anything missing.

7. Suitcase games

This game can be played by several family members. Mama can invite your father, brother or sister to play together. This suitcase game starts when one person has to say an item that can be packed in a suitcase.

The next player lists different items, but also says what the previous person chose.

If the child cannot remember what the previous person said, repeats, or misses an item on the list, he / she automatically exits the game.

8. Video games

There are some video games that involve multitasking or reacting to new environments while still playing.

This game can improve a child’s concentration because it forces his brain to focus, so as not to miss any details. However, for children, these video games should also be used at the discretion of the parents.

Where it shouldn’t be done for a long time, and needs to be balanced with other activities so that you don’t get addicted to playing video games.

There are many brain games that can help children increase their concentration. However, some of these games can repeat themselves and become easy to complete after some time.

When this happens, make sure you have other game solutions, so you can continue to challenge the child’s mind with different things.


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