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9 This Baby Equipment Does Not Need To Be Purchased by Pregnant Women

9 This Baby Equipment Does Not Need To Be Purchased by Pregnant Women

One of the activities favored by pregnant women (pregnant women) is shopping for baby gear. However, don’t darken my eyes, Bumil. Better check Bumil’s shopping list again, because not all items are really needed by Little.

Some equipment can actually be postponed, replaced with items that are already available, or even absolutely unnecessary. For example, sleeping equipment in a crib or baby walker can actually pose health risks for your child.

Equipment that can be removed from a shopping list
Mother, let’s take the long list of baby gear and start checking again. The items below can be postponed or don’t even need to be purchased, especially if Bumil’s budget is limited:

1. Baby crib bedding and pillows
Choosing baby crib bedding with a variety of motives is indeed fun. But, actually these objects are not really needed you know. Even according to pediatricians, baby pillows and blankets can actually increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


2. Nursing pillow
Indeed, many nursing pillows are offered in a variety of colors and patterns, with information on various benefits. When in fact Bumil can get similar benefits, by using bed pillows or regular sofa cushions that are already at home.

3. Nursing aprons
Nursing aprons can make pregnant women feel more comfortable when breastfeeding in public places. But if it’s not there, a shawl to carry or even a baby blanket can also be used. So pregnant women do not need to carry a lot of cloth when traveling.

4. Sterile milk bottle
Besides being relatively expensive, sterilizing baby bottles with boiled hot water actually works just as well.

5. Bottle warmers
Bottle warmers are used to warm milk from cold temperatures. However, the actual bottle can be placed in boiling hot water only.

6. Expensive cloth diapers
Whatever the price, all cloth diapers have the same function, which is to collect the baby’s dirt. So pregnant women do not need to hunt for cloth diapers with certain brands and designs, especially if products with more affordable prices can provide the same benefits.

7. Tables for babies to change diapers
Mattress for diaper change is actually enough, really. Instead of a special table with limited use, it’s better to buy a wardrobe that can be used in the long run.

8. Baby crib
A chair or swing to put your little one to sleep can indeed be useful, but generally it can only be used or beneficial for a few months.

9 baby walkers
Baby walkers and baby jumpers are not recommended because of research it has been found to increase the risk of disturbance to the baby’s health.

Consider that babies grow quickly, so that not a few equipment that will only be used briefly. Bumil is more focused on buying items that can be used in the long run. In addition, pregnant women may be able to use this equipment again for the second child later. So it is better to choose a neutral color so that it can be used for girls and boys.

To buy clothes, it’s better to buy a slightly larger size so that it can be worn for some time. While baby shoes are actually not really useful, so he can walk outside the house.

However, for certain items, such as car seats and cribs, it is recommended to buy in new conditions. It is feared that used goods are not sturdy and not safe. But other equipment such as clothes and used baby bags from relatives or friends can certainly be used.

Now, there is no need to be confused anymore, sort the list of baby necessities. Happy shopping!

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