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A Celebration Begins with Lunch

A Celebration Begins with Lunch


On a typical afternoon in St Augustine, Florida, has met a group of extraordinary people for one purpose at a local restaurant – celebrating their achievements, sharing inspiration and matching each other bravely while eating.

They come for their weekly Friday lunches from all walks of life: parents and brokers, mortgage brokers and medical assistants, life coaches and flower shop workers. Many represent their own entrepreneurs such as jewelry, business training, spas and health clubs. Regardless of where they come from, they are there to spend an hour in support and the community.

This weekly lunch is held in five other cities sponsored by the Women’s Celebration Organization and attended by men and women. Every lunch has a theme that predicts the independence and success that everyone strives for, according to founder Sheryl Lynn. Themes vary greatly such as “wonder,” “trust,” and “work.” At the “applause” theme meeting, each participant explained to the group why he deserved applause.

Members talk about transitions from outside the country and career changes, business success and personal pleasure. Each speaker received sad applause because they took the moment to be in their power. Lynn’s expression of people’s ability to find success and empowerment in themselves.

That is the need to celebrate everyday things that inspire Lynn to create women’s celebrations. Despite being successful as the mother of three children and a businessman, she became tired and desperate at the end of the day.

“I don’t beat myself when these beautiful things are done. And of course there are no others,” Lynn said.

At the beginning of the Women’s Celebration he created an environment where support and encouragement played an important role.

Women’s celebrations today have a strong presence in North Florida and more chapters, or “loops”, appear throughout the country. This organization is open to anyone who wants to celebrate their lives, build their experiences with others through positive interactions and a sense of community.

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