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A Deep Look In Soap Operas

A Deep Look In Soap Operas

You must love soaps. From the intricate plots and fine woven webs of fraud, to the depths of schemes, they were, are and will always be classical. They are timeless. I wrote this article as I returned in 1970 when I filled white space for our high school paper. Look at a few soaps for the next few days and see how close they look like soaps 36 years ago

And now for that mind-challenging question that botheres, one becomes ceaseless by the brightness of the day and through the blurred darkness depths of the day night:

Why did Peter, who is in fact, really Superman, fake that he starts at the sidewalk at the 17th stone at 4 and 4 instead of the 16th stone that is bigger and more logical the victim of those invulnerable toes was and why Marlys Sams took counsel to buy the yellow tulip instead of the red and green carnation, while Rodregus had always known that the curly young Pandora is currently buying the last purple, double-breasted, one-day, gluttonous giraffe world for her lover disguised Phillip as a humble second mate on Queen Mary, who was under the attack of tyrant Cedric because of the terrible beat he had in Radcliff’s hands, whose wife, Natalie was actually Percivals long lost great uncle Maximillian in disguise who knew that Zigmond was fond of unburned olives stuffed in green grapefruit graciously filled with granny and gretchens goulash, who gradually became gooey and who also knew from Jennifer’s contact Louella in the deep Congo, which was then seized by the feared Gardenia, 7th cousin of Guenivere, hoping to carefully collect the eight-ounce bottle of Elmers Glue that was carefully collected in the corpses of Courtneys colossal computer complex. received. To correct the current curl, which is usually the crotch like the infectious, transferable crystalline cucumber worn on coconut sticks by cuckoo watch birds constantly adapting to the cunning Cornelius cumbersome plot to corrupt the currency and the crisis of the Cormandel Coast Cult to continue. , complicated by the clover Corts corny connotation to conceal his consecutive crown contractions, which his conscious effort continually paralyzes overtaken peers to carefully cautiously fake correspondence with Corwyn, the cosmic cosmetic?

Was it because Bill had green eyes or was it because Melissa was threatening and careful in Maudes to read the calendar to see what year she was sent by her grandparents in the future?

Vote for the exciting climax that was created by another deep question tomorrow.

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