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A Funny Joke And The Man Without Humor

A Funny Joke And The Man Without Humor

April fool’s day is a favorite day for some, because there are many funny jokes that can be played. But if you work for The Man humor, it may be unacceptable. The workplace has become a controversial place for funny jokes, because what’s funny for one person can be regarded as an attack by another. Finding humor at other people’s costs can cause many stressful days at work or even many legal proceedings.

Many companies hold an information meeting not to practice office humor because they do not want any of their workers to be offended. In time, however, companies can switch the line on what is acceptable and not acceptable. Part of the problem with telling a person that funny jokes or humor is not acceptable is that if a person can not enjoy themselves at work, the workplace becomes unused and the workers are unhappy.

Night Court was a sitcom that came out a few years ago. The judge at the show always had fun, but sometimes he was in trouble when playing practical jokes. Most of the time, however, the judges’ antique allowed him to see a larger range of people he met and he could help them improve their lives. A word that many companies need to learn is a lifetime that never gets hurt. To allow staff to send jokes by email and to find humor in some of the bad things that may happen in the office can handle stress and bring a better companion between the workers.

Where the line has to be drawn to funny jokes and humor, if the joke has a racist or gender prejudice or if the joke is meant to harm another or make a person look bad (especially in the eyes of their majority). Harmful joke or humor should never be acceptable in the workplace. Each individual must be responsible for their actions and take steps to know what is acceptable and will be found as a funny joke. If a joke is doubtful, the individual must admit that that kind of humor has to be rejected.

A company has the responsibility to maintain its reputation and to educate its employees on acceptable humor and what is considered a non-funny joke. However, companies must also take steps to give their employees a fun workplace. A part of this may include allowing a worker to use email to send jokes to people they know. A proposal for the workplace may not be a joke and if people do not want to receive jokes by email, they can place themselves on the list.

Humor and jokes must be allowed in the workplace to allow a happier and more jovial work environment. A funny joke can raise a person’s day and a little humor can relieve stress. If an individual is responsible for not insulting a person and the company encourages their workforce to work for The Man happily, it would not be so bad.

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