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A Page Of Betty Crockers Cooking Book

A Page Of Betty Crockers Cooking Book

Recently, as I sat in my chair, I drank the last of my breakfast coffee, thinking in my mind. I have to confess that most thoughts are rather lonely when they go into my mind, but this one has a pretty element.

Experience taught me never to give these strange offenders. Every time i am entertaining any of them, one is burned.

This time was different. Do not ask me how it was different, or how I knew it was different, it was just. Of course, to look back, I could have gone wrong.

The thought: Do not surprise my wife by baking her a cake?

I know what you think. I thought the same when it suggested me. But the more I thought about it, how nice it sounded. How can anything go wrong if I do it for my wife?

The only question I had to answer was what kind of cake should I bake.


After a long period of ruminants, I put on a lemon cake with peanut icing. It was the best surprise my wife ever received from me.

Put in a prominent place in the kitchen, my wife is Betty Crocker Cookbook. I do not know how long she had the book, it was in our kitchen as long as I remember what really can not be as long as I think about it.

I took the book, put it in my favorite chair and opened it. How do you read a cookbook? As I blamed through it, it had no reason or reason for me. When I spat on the book, I said to myself, how important to follow directions?

I kept the book in its proven place, and I came to the conclusion that I did not need it, as it was my cake, from someone else, especially Betty Crocker. This is the difference between men and women. Women need many directions, while men enjoy the freedom to do their own thing.

I knew exactly what I wanted. A lemon cake with peanut icing. What can be simpler?

To collect a large mixing bowl, I gathered all the ingredients I needed; flour, sugar, eggs, milk and baking powder. Everybody knows you can not bake without baking powder.

I have no idea what baking powder is, except baking, you use baking powder.

I put everything in the mixing bowl. The only thing I was not sure was the measure, but how difficult could it be? Betty Crocker mentioned a cup of this and a cup of it, but never defined what she meant by a cup.

I went to the closet and looked at all the cups. There were all kinds of cups and I did not know who to use. I put a big coffee cup and said to myself that’s going to be okay.

I dipped 6 or 8 cups of flour in the mixing bowl, I can not remember how many. Then I broke a dozen eggs and put it in the mixing bowl. Pour a quarter of milk into the mixing bowl, I beat everything in a nice batter.

It was a lemon cake, but I could not get any labeled lemon in the closet. I opened the fridge and I received a quarter of lemonade.

I poured this fusion into the biggest cookie I could get. While I wanted to put it in the oven, I remembered the baking powder. How does this cake bake if it does not have the baking powder?

I caught the baking powder and grabbed the baking powder and sprinkled it on top of my batter. I have no idea what baking powder, but I put enough on my cake so that it can do a good job.

In the oven the cake went, and with a flash of the wrist I turned the temperature to 450 degrees. Remember it was a big cake, I reloaded the temperature to 650.

The bigger the cake, the hotter the oven is, I always say.

Now I just had to wait for my cake to bake. As I waited, I heard rumblings from the oven, but it just baked a nice baking tray.

I think I was asleep because the next thing I knew was a strange smell that penetrates the air. It smells a bit smoky and then it has arrived on me. My cake, it’s done.

What I pulled out of the oven did not match any cake I’ve ever seen. It looked like a roasted pancake, twice the size of the frying pan, with some kind of disease on the surface.

No amount of peanut icing in the world can teach this catastrophe.

It was about this time that I had reconsidered the idea of ​​reading directions. Perhaps instructions have a goal.

I remember something the apostle Paul said. Study to be a worker for God who does not have to be ashamed to share the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15).

To live right without burning, you need the right direction.

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