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A Practical Tool from the Microsoft Office Package

A Practical Tool from the Microsoft Office Package

Microsoft has become famous for its operating system but they also provide a great set of tools in the form of Microsoft Office. Many people just take Microsoft Office for granted and don’t realize how difficult it is to live without it.

The Microsoft Office package comes with 4 important software products. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power-points. Each product has its own uses.

The first is Microsoft Word. It is a word processor which means it is very useful in writing documents, stories, work instructions and so on. It has many different functions. For example, you can save documents quite easily because web pages can publish them on the internet. The second useful function is the drawing toolbar. The drawing toolbar allows users to create interesting titles, draw arrows and squares, and insert images. All of that has many uses.

Microsoft Excel is more for counting numbers. This allows the use of colorful graphics, equations and images. This allows the use to set it so that it performs calculations automatically. It also allows users to view multiple sheets at the same time making work on different projects simultaneously.

Microsoft Power-point is used primarily for presentations. Simple and fast way to create colorful slide shows that will amaze anyone.

Microsoft Access is database software. This allows for the use of SQL queries, tables, forms, macros and more. This allows users to easily and effectively store their data while being able to manipulate it in different ways.

An important aspect of the Microsoft Office package is that files from all 4 applications can be exchanged. This means you can take files that you created in Microsoft Excel, and import them into Microsoft Access very simply and easily.

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